Padres new Closer Huston Street is a Speedo-Wearing, Cross-Dressing, Party Animal!

Hahaha. Just messin’ with ya, Huston. I have zero problem with any of these pics. Cross-dressing is a must for rookie-hazing…or halloween for that matter. Speedos are a must, well no where, except for an Olympic swimming pool, but I still have no problem with you rockin’ ‘em. If you got it, flaunt it. What I’d have a problem with is Heath Bell rollin’ around in those. As for the party pics… one minute you have a couple of girls at the bar running up to you asking for a picture… the next thing you know they’re licking your face and it’s all over the internet and you’re some big a.hole. Not your fault.

Welcome to San Diego, bro. I hope you don’t suck.


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7 Responses to Padres new Closer Huston Street is a Speedo-Wearing, Cross-Dressing, Party Animal!

  1. Julia says:

    I’ve been a loyal Rockies fan for a while now, and I’m glad he’s gone. If you don’t have a 3 to 4 run lead going into the 9th, watch out. He likes to give up homeruns. However, with the Rockies luck I’m sure he’ll be stellar this year.

    • bp says:

      in fairness to Huston… balls fly out of Coors field like popcorn in a hot pan.

      and i hope you’re right with the rockies “luck”

  2. G says:

    Three strikes for you, BP! Street in a speedo, Street cross-dressing and Street with unattractive chicks. Stick to the Beckinsale posts!

  3. Ben says:

    why are people so anti-speedo? Obviously he looks good in one, and a lot better than he would in the clown pants that most guys wear for swimming. I don’t get it.

  4. Bring back the old style speedo trunks ASAP!!!

    They were the standard before the ’90s and no one thought twice about guys wearing them at the pool. So how in the hell did they become so stigmatized???

    Today’s Long ‘N’ Baggy men’s swim suits (and also those down-to-the-knee “Jammers”) look just plain AWFUL.

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