Paulina Gretzky – Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop

I call this: “Paulina Gretzky’s First Sexy TwitPic Since The Great One, Her Father Wayne Gretzky, Kicked Her Off Twitter.” Lamest headline ever? How ’bout just: “Wow.”┬áLobsters seem to have quite an obsession with miss Paulina Gretzky. I’m just trying to keep up. First, she exploded twitter with her pics. Then she left. Then she was back. Then she deleted the tweet saying she was back. Then, last night, this gem. So, it’s official now? She’s back? You know, until she quits again…


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5 Responses to Paulina Gretzky – Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop

  1. Herm says:

    this needs to be a weekly post. i need more paulina.

  2. Mac says:

    I second the motion. More Paulina, less Lakers talk.

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