Lobsters Make the World Go ‘Round…

World Class Lobsters

I’ve decided I have a goal. You’re lobsters, so I’m sharing my goal with you. My goal is that when you search the word “lobster” on google… LobShots.com shows up on the first page. A lofty goal because, you know… there are a lot of real lobsters out there. The kinds with claws that live in the ocean, not to mention restaurants, recipes, books… stuff like that. Maybe I need to have some sort of logo contest… a lobster logo, just for LobShots. Hmmm… I’ll ponder. Thanks for reading, everyone…much love.



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2 Responses to Lobsters Make the World Go ‘Round…

  1. Mac says:

    That picture makes me smile, so good. If only there were beer cans flying at our heads from aggressive Jets fans… Contrary to popular belief they were super nice and friendly and jealous that we live in paradise. I have zero artistic skills so i will submit this drawing of a spider, I trust that settles the matter..

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