Did You See the Michigan Field Rush After Beating Ohio State?

Just making sure, because it’s awesome. And for the record, I have no problem rushing the field after beating an un-ranked team…assuming, of course, they are your arch-rival, and it happens to be one of the greatest rivalries in all of sports, and they’ve kicked your ass for a decade straight before you rushed the field. Boss.


[pic via @chengelis via @darrenrovell]

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5 Responses to Did You See the Michigan Field Rush After Beating Ohio State?

  1. Herm says:

    for those that don’t know…I’m a UK fan. Kentucky beat Tennessee this past weekend 10-7. I know, it sounds like an exciting baseball game or another lame Big 10 football game…but UK won.

    why do I share this? because UK hasnt beaten Tennessee in 26 years. thats right. needless to say, UK fans stormed the field…with a season record of 5-7. I can’t tell you how happy I am that monkey is off UK’s back. 26 years is a long time.

    oh, and here’s a link to this guy….sprained his ankle during the post game celebration.



  2. J dot says:

    I missed it but thanks for the pic, jerk. Actually I’m about 20% happy Michigan won. The rivalry was getting stale and This will set the stage for a great rematch next year at the shoe.

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