Sid the Comeback Kid…

I don’t even follow hockey, and I recognize that Sidney Crosby’s comeback last night was amazing. He missed 68 games. He hadn’t scored a goal 328 days. Last night? 2 goals…2 assists…and one 5-0 Penguins victory over the Islanders. Sid the Kid. Like a boss.

I’ll never understand concussions and sports and when it’s okay to come back and when it’s not. Crosby came back in midseason form and killed it out there yesterday. He couldn’t have done that 2 days ago? How do the docs determine these things? So bizarre. Either way. Good for you Sid, welcome back.


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2 Responses to Sid the Comeback Kid…

  1. Mac says:

    I know that you just sprouted a baby and have a lot on your plate, but that is no excuse not to recognize Sid’s amazingly creepy Adam Morrison mustache.
    Lock it up BP.

    • bp says:

      hi mac. thanks for the comment. did you know who Sidney Crosby blew by Monday night on his way to scoring his first goal in 328 days?

      New York Islanders defenseman Andrew MacDonald

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