Kentucky Freshman Anthony Davis Looks Strong

(US Presswire)

Anthony Davis is young. Young and tall. Young and tall and good. Here are his highlights from Tuesday’s game against Kansas. Pretty impressive at MSG.

YouTube Preview Image

Not bad Anthony… tell your brother Bert we said waddup.

**UPDATE** Click here if you want to see Anthony Davis’ mom wearing a unibrow mask and here if you want to see him next to an angry bird.



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6 Responses to Kentucky Freshman Anthony Davis Looks Strong

  1. Herm says:

    Anthony Davis is going to be a monster. his junior year in high school, he was 6’3″ and the starting point guard. he’s now 6’10″ and still has the handles of a guard. his only negative is his actual weight, and the possibility of getting pushed around by larger big men. he will be the #1 pick in next years NBA draft…if there is an NBA draft, and the “1 and done” rule stays. i hope the NBA never comes back, and Davis stays at Kentucky for 4 years.
    Go CATS BBN!

    the unibrow gives him strength…its like Sampson and his hair. he can’t cut it.

  2. little caster says:

    He should have gone to Syracuse.

  3. J dot says:

    How can you blog about Kentucky basketball without an Ashley Judd picture?

  4. anthony im so glad your with us you have made an enormouschange to the game of kentucky basketball

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