This #OccupyTebow Comment Board is Exploding the Internet

Chris Schneider/Associated Press

#OccupyTebow huh? I have no idea how long this post will be relevant, but as of right now, this ESPN post about Tim Tebow has taken over the internet. There are about a billion comments and there is a new one every single second. Zero exaggeration. Every second. Some are good fun, some are downright nasty. Go give it a look.

I will offer this up. “Tim Tebow the person > Every human being on that comment board”

Tim, if you’re reading this… and I know you are… chin up, my man.

So the last shall be first…


[lobbed by Joey-Bag-A-Donuts]

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13 Responses to This #OccupyTebow Comment Board is Exploding the Internet

  1. Crew says:

    He should probably write an inspirational book about all the hardships he’s had to overcome as a successful collegiate and professional* athlete.

    OH WAIT.

    Talk about jumping the shark and / or nuking the fridge.


  2. Geoff says:

    He’s a good kid, so I can’t dislike the guy. But he’s not an NFL QB.

  3. Kyle Orton says:

    Mangled, old, blinged out, female hand in the picture above > Tebow

  4. Crew says:

    One thing I will say for the guy…those are some amazingly appropriate length arms.

  5. H8r says:


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