Lenny Dykstra Vows to Knock-Out Jose Canseco

Oh goodie. Lenny Dykstra and Jose Canseco are gonna fight in a celebrity boxing match this weekend. Who ya got? I’m betting $1,000,000 on the washed up former all-star, former silver-slugger-award-winning, ex World Series champion.

(Besides the 1987 Topps trip down nostalgia lane…want to know the best part about this blog? The obvious joke that my bet is ambiguously referring to both of them suggests one would indeed win. In reality, that would be the dumbest bet in history because there’s a 90% that coward Jose sends his twin bro Ozzie to fight for him.)


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4 Responses to Lenny Dykstra Vows to Knock-Out Jose Canseco

  1. Mac says:

    Jose was my childhood hero. I wore his number on every sports team i played on. He was my guy. I still have every single Canseco card ever made. I had the opportunity to meet him at a charity event at the Playboy mansion, the F’er big leagued me and wouldn’t let me take a picture with him. I hope crazy Lenny knocks his punk as out.
    He finally let me take a picture and stood their with some stupid smug look on his face, I had an equally distasteful look on mine. What a dick. At least I still have my other 2 childhood idols, Darryl Strawberry and Barry Bonds.. wow how am I not more of a mess.

  2. Mac says:

    It was balanced out by Bo Jackson and me reading “Bo Knows Bo” for 13 book reports as a kid. I’d take Bo against any 2 of those guys combined.

    • bp says:

      Bo Jackson is barely ahead of Mickey Mantle as my favorite athlete ever. If I’d been alive to watch The Mick… he’d prolly have the edge.

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