Philip Rivers: “That was the worst thing ever.”

Well…I’m no lip reader… but it sure looks like Philip Rivers is saying, “That was the worst thing ever.” (I had ‘That was the worst DAY ever‘, but Herm corrected me, I still don’t know which one he says for sure.) That’s kinda how Chargers fans feel too, Phil. What a disappointing game. I need awhile to gather my miserable thoughts. Until then… Here’s what Fox had to cleverly say.



[gif via @bubbaprog, pic via @WorldofIsaac]

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3 Responses to Philip Rivers: “That was the worst thing ever.”

  1. Herm says:

    ‘that was the worst thing ever’. Bengals 5-2

  2. markavelli says:

    He used the word “was”, thus he had to have said the word “thing” instead of “day”.
    He couldnt have said “that was the worst day ever” while he was still engaged in a game of football…..

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