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Anybody Remember that Bobby Valentine Was on the Padres?

Congrats to the new manager of the Red Sox… former Padres player Bobby Valentine. -bp

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Lady Gaga is No Lobster… She’s No Lobster At All

Somebody sent me this picture of the awful Lady Gaga out of disgust because she’s misrepresenting the awesomeness of a lobster. I can’t stand this chick and her whole schtick… just drives me nuts. I want to gag, poke my … Continue reading

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Kristin Cavallari Brainwashed by Jay Cutler Again!

No!!! Kristin Cavallari re-announced today on Twitter that she and Jay Cutler are officially engaged….again. “This time its official..Jay and I are engaged again ” I’m not going to reinvent the stupid wheel on this one. I wrote about this … Continue reading

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It’s Official: “Peebowing” has a Website Now

This is so idiotic. I hesitated to even post it because I’ve already commented ad nauseum about Nick Novak peeing on the sidelines, and how, despite his missed FGs, I love Nick Novak. I even commented how stupid I thought … Continue reading

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Did You See the Michigan Field Rush After Beating Ohio State?

Just making sure, because it’s awesome. And for the record, I have no problem rushing the field after beating an un-ranked team…assuming, of course, they are your arch-rival, and it happens to be one of the greatest rivalries in all … Continue reading

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Great Christmas Gift Idea…For Me

Wanna buy me some pants? Yeah? Ok, find these please. Shorts would work too. Lobsters! Woah, who is THIS dude!? My hero. Nice pants, captain… and in true Movember fashion… -bp [for the record… I wouldn’t be caught dead in … Continue reading

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Lobsters Make the World Go ‘Round…

I’ve decided I have a goal. You’re lobsters, so I’m sharing my goal with you. My goal is that when you search the word “lobster” on google… shows up on the first page. A lofty goal because, you know… … Continue reading

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Yes, Paulina Gretzky is Smoking Hot. Yes, Daddy Wayne Made Her Shut Down Her Twitter Account

Okay… OKAY! I get it. Lobsters want me to write about Paulina Gretzky shutting down her twitter account. Most lobbed item in the history of LobShots, so I feel obliged to at least acknowledge it. Yes, Paulina Gretzky, daughter of … Continue reading

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Too Bad the Chick With a Giant Turd on Her Back Doesn’t Live in San Diego…

Because she’d be all over today’s groupon. -bp

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Are the Chargers Cursed by Ray Finkle?

I didn’t want to post the above picture. But I felt obliged once my revelation hit me like a ton of bricks. When I first saw the below picture of Novak, I knew it looked familiar. Couldn’t figure out why. … Continue reading

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