La Russa Retires, San Diego Rejoices.

(Photo by Ezra Shaw/Getty Images)

Peace out, Tony La Russa. It only took you 33 seasons to win 3 World Series and become the third-winningest manager in MLB history. Lot-a-threes in there. Good news for San Diego fans… he can’t lead the Cardinals to any more first round NLDS wins over the Padres. That right, the Padres took one game in the NL Division Series in 1996, 2005 and 2006 combined. La Russa can’t do that to us anymore. That baton will be passed to Francona now. McGwire? Who? Who gets the honor? How does this affect Pujols resigning? So many questions… the biggest question is this: Did anyone catch that joke I made? The one suggesting the Padres will ever make the post-season again…


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3 Responses to La Russa Retires, San Diego Rejoices.

  1. Steiner says:

    LaRussa moves back to SoCal and Pujols signs with the Pads in order to be closer to him…won’t be the biggest conspiracy theory you hear all day.

  2. Ben Hodge says:

    Is that La Russa or Bruce Jenner?

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