High School Kid Gets Crazy Air for a TD…

What you’re about to watch is incredible. You’ll watch it, think it’s incredible, but you still won’t realize how incredible it is. For a high school kid to do this… just unreal, his name is Kimlon Dillon from Apopka, Florida… and he launches into the end zone from the 5 yard line. I was a high school RB so maybe I have a little more appreciation for this than most. But this ranks up there with dunking from the free throw line. So awesome.

YouTube Preview Image


[via lbsports]

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2 Responses to High School Kid Gets Crazy Air for a TD…

  1. Anon says:

    I was there that day! Everyone went Crazy! they all cheered and screamed. I was one of those people! That was the most amazing touchdown I’ve seen since I started going to the games at Apopka!! GO BLUE DARTERS!!

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