Tressel Tosh.0

You know how we LOVE Ohio State football here at LobShots… especially the Vest. Here’s Daniel Tosh paying a tribute to our boy Tressel on Tosh.0. A bunch of lobsters sent me this screenshot, but I haven’t seen the episode yet. I have it DVR’d… along with the last 3 weeks, who knows if I’ll get around to it. No clue why he wore this get up. Fits him perfectly though… salad tosher.


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  1. Herm says:

    Tosh is doing some college invasion thing….where he visits universities around the country and does his show…but the only campus he’s actually been to is Arizona St (it was awesome…the girls there are amazing). the rest of his shows are in his studio…and he just wears the schools t shirt, outfit, or in this case…vest.

    Watched some of this episode last night….hilarious and disturbing at the same time

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