The Jerry Maguire Kid is Turning 21 & He’s YOKED

Jonathan Lipnicki. So, the cutest kid in the history of cinema is turning 21 years old this weekend. He was born on Oct 22, 1990. That makes everybody on the planet feel old. So, what’s he been up to since starring as Renée Zellweger’s adorable kid, Ray Boyd, on Jerry Maguire? Getting jacked, apparently.

Damn, son.


[h/t to @darrenrovell for the birthday]

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5 Responses to The Jerry Maguire Kid is Turning 21 & He’s YOKED

  1. Herm says:

    the black and white pic is my new facebook profile picture

  2. Kaylee says:

    Ok so I’m sitting here watching the little vampire and thinking “What has little Tony Thompson been up to since 2000?” Well now that i know that he is almost 21 years old so I’m guessing a lot. So i looked up pics and bios and was like “Wow I’m 3 years younger than him and even i feel old. That’s bad.” So now I’m catching up on Jon Lipnicki after i finish watching the little vampire. PEACE OUT BIOTCH :-)

  3. Ken C says:

    To Herm: Your PROFILE pic is of someone other than yourself? Either you are unattractive or just WEIRD. WHY the hell would you use someone else’s profile pic instead of your own? Trying to trap/trick unsuspecting fools??

  4. the late michael jackson says:

    bitch please, he’s a hobit, that’s why he looks buff. put him next to any normal sized person and you would be very unimpressed by his 110 lbs.

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