18 Holes at Torrey Pines…LobShots Style

BP, Body & Mac at Torrey Pines

We hit up Torrey Pines yesterday and it was a great time. Amazing weather. What do you wear when you go play the most famous course in San Diego and the home of the 2008 US Open? Clearly, I wear all pink, collar popped, with a vintage sweater vest and my Bring Back the Brown shades. Body wears amazing plaid plants with a golf sweater for the ages. Mac channels his inner Payne Stewart and wears argyle, with argyle, over plaid…and a Chargers visor. Herm took the picture because dressed normal and didn’t even try to look like a tool like the rest of us. It was blazing hot and there were no carts for some idiotic reason, so we walked 18 on the north course. Sweat, much? Body and Herm hit in the 80s… Mac and I did not, we’ll leave it at that. I did, however, birdie 18… which felt strong. A nice way to finish up a good afternoon…here are some pics.

Herm - looking like a pro... awful backdrop for golf

Mac - admiring a 375 yard drive... at least

Body - defying the laws of golf, science and gravity with his club speed

BP, Mac, Body - Hot and happy

After I triumphantly birdied 18… we hit up Rock Bottom for dinner and as we were walking in, we saw none other than Mr. Antonio Garay’s Hello Kitty Smart Car.

Unless, of course, there are lots of these rides out there? Doubt that.

Oh, and for all you clever little lobsters out there wondering… Yes, I hit tons of lob shots out on the course and just giggled at the irony of it every single time.

No, no I didn’t.


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14 Responses to 18 Holes at Torrey Pines…LobShots Style

  1. KimCakes says:

    Hey guys! long time reader, first time commenter. I think it’s awesome that you put the faces of some of the lobster characters up there! I always wonder what you guys look like when you reference all the guys. Good looking group, especially the “Body”
    Looks like you guys had an awesome time bending space and time! Keep it up, love the blog.
    Aren’t we blessed to have such great weather in mid October????

  2. Mac says:

    Heyoooooo!!! Lobshots love connection

  3. Mac says:

    By the way, I did some forensics and can confirm with 98% certainty using sticker matching and taste tests that that is indeed Antonio Garay’s ride.

  4. Herm says:

    had a great time gentlemen. if anything defies the law of science…its Body’s hair…amazing. i found my self getting lost in his wonderland of locks.

    • bp says:

      i have to agree with you on this one… the body’s head o’ hair is amazing. however, i have to also ask that you never, ever come that close to almost referencing a john mayer song. (cue all the…”oh, bp loves john mayer b/c he knew that was almost a reference” idiots)

  5. Kenny Bolts says:

    Looking good gents! Rough life you guys have out there! Can’t get much better than torrey in October with weather like that! Very jealous of you silly lobsters.
    Hey BP, nice stance in the first shot.

  6. Body. says:

    Herm – Good to see you man. Glad you made it out.
    BP – You have been humming “Your Body is a Wonderland” all morning under your breath.
    Mac – You are my favorite forensics guy.
    KimCakes – Thanks.

  7. Mac says:

    Body, That means a lot to me, especially knowing your affinity for CSI Miami and Bones, 2 fantastic forensic’s shows. To even be compared to David Caruso… That touched me somewhere special bro. Thanks a lot.

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