30 Responses to The Now-Famous “Apple Logo with Steve Jobs Silhouette” Image Controversy

  1. julia says:

    Mak’s design is definitely better. Mak’s design has the bright apple on the black background that has Steve Jobs head (shaved – reminded us at his last days) looking down with a PERFECT angle. That is a design that is all about. It has to be at a certain angle that touched people’s heart. Thornley design somehow is so….blank…it looks so obvious …a black apple on a white background. Not attractive at all. Mr Thornley, let’s vote….i bet everyone will vote for Mak !

  2. peg says:

    I agree with Julia. I prefer Mak’s design. It is more aesthetically pleasing.

  3. jordan says:

    BOO HOO give me a fucking break you guys are a bunch of losers both logo’s are good

    • bp says:

      this comment is the difference between a regular lobshots reader…and somebody who just stumbled here through a search engine. cheers to you, jordan.

  4. Travis Lakin says:

    Mak’s design is so vastly better that I believe he should be excused from any affiliation with Thornley’s. Even if Mak came up with his design after staring at Thornley’s for a week, I’d say it’s such a vast improvement that it can’t be considered copying. Jelly, Thornley?

  5. Leahguapa says:

    I find Mak’s design better. Why would they accuse him of copying Thronley’s design. It’s different from Thronley’s. It’s not exactly the same. We should allow creative people to express their talents, whether be it innovating someone else’ design.

  6. bp says:

    so far, Mak’s work is dominating the comment board polls… which was my choice in the post as well.

  7. Sarah says:

    I prefer Mak’s design as well. Thornley’s is very simplistic. It actually looks like the photo flopped and colored. Mak’s is more involved. The shaving of the head, tilting it, the expression overall seems completly different. The white apple vs the black apple also has a tug. White being pure, angelic?, closer to a quiet, calming mood. The black seems rough, darker (more than just color wise). Mak’s shows Job’s death, Thornley’s show his life.

  8. Trucker8885 says:

    I dont know if its a copy from Thornleys or not… but I like Maks design b/c its more… well… pleasing to the eyes n soon to be Classic!

  9. Comment Incognito says:

    The winner is Thornley.

    While I agree I prefer the tilted Job’s head to the straight looking head of Thornley there is one big positive with Thornley that outshines Mak so bright that I can overlook the fact I prefer the tilted head. And that big positive is that it is not designed within a box.

    Again-The winner: Thornley.

    • bp says:

      aside from the fact that i disagree thornley’s is better… that’s the dumbest argument ever as to WHY one is better than the other. ‘not designed within a box’? seriously? one has a white background, one has black… either color can go on forever, and both can be reversed. good talk, russ.

    • LoFon Valdivia says:

      If the background of the page were black, then Thornley’s would have to done within a box. Move Mak’s to a darker background and you have no need for a box.

  10. lp says:

    Mak’s logo is definitely better but, credit should has to go to Thornley too for coming up with idea in the first place? (i could be mistaken but, wasnt his logo seen first? though didnt create as much buzz) execution is of course key (and i think Mak has certainly done a brilliant job there) but, i think one’s original idea is just as important. I’m guessing Mak had seen Thornley’s version at some point and got his inspiration from it? so, be it intentionally or not, he has in some ways copied Thornley’s logo though ultimately improved on it. Either way though, credit to both artist but, I totally agree with most of the comments in here, Mak’s logo is way better and a lovely tribute.

  11. anderson says:

    Mak’s design is definitely superior. The tilted head gives us an impression of sadness that Steve had in regards to his disease and inability to continue running the company. It humbly sums up his final months of life..

  12. Ric says:

    Mak’s design is far superior and touches us Late Steve Job fans than Thornley’s. True talent and awesome work Mak.

  13. xx says:

    I agree – Mak’s design is definitely superior but, i also think he simply ‘improved’ on Thornely’s original idea. The fact that he he posted in his blog that he felt someone may have already come up with the idea, to me indicates an element of guilt. Though that said, in his defence, if that were the case, im guessing too that he would have drastically changed it so it looked nothing like Thornley’s? Either way (and i could be wrong) i’m guessing many young graphic artists out there fall into the trap of (unintentionally) coming up with ideas which i believe stem from subconscious images they have seen at some point? Mak wont admit it but, the fact that the two logos are almost identical shows he must have seen Thornely’s at some point prior to perfecting his own.

    • JV says:

      I think the design of apple logo with silhouette is a common idea to any web designer if they are thinking of apple and dedicating it to Mr. Jobs. The head, the cut of the silhouette, and that coming from the right part is totally a common idea especially if you’ve seen commercials with apple being bitten from the right. if i’m not mistaken, Apple’s design is the same, its just that both designers decided to dedicate it to someone . I even have the same idea so i think Mak doesn’t really know Thornley’s design. One could easily discover that fact if you look closely to both designs no offense to Thornley but I think Mak DID NOT copy his design. It’s a coincidence

    • julia says:

      I don’t agree with you….for years i have lots of drawing similar like this. This style of drawing has been popular for YEARSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS! The only thing is that i have not use apple but use orange or heart ! Give Mak a break !! It’s a shame for Thornley to think Mak is copying him….SHAME !!!

  14. xx says:

    A brilliant/impressive logo nonetheless. Well done Mak.

  15. Madeline says:

    This idea isn’t revolutionary or groundbreaking, so why does it seem so implausible that both artists thought to substitute the usual cutaway with Jobs’ profile?

    It’s a simple idea and in its simplicity, it is able to portray a great amount of meaning. I think people get a bit too touchy these days and we should accept that sometimes similar ideas emerge from two separate minds. It happens. I don’t think it’s fair to accuse Mak of stealing an idea when really, what the hell do we know? Without the facts, it’s unfair to jump to conclusions.

    Plus, the focus should be Steve Jobs, not who “wins”.

    • xx says:

      it just seemed more impressive when we assumed it was entirely Mak’s idea – but youre absolutely right Madeline, nothing revolutionary or groundbreaking about it. A great logo regardless. Credit to both Artists.

  16. amanda says:

    Mak’s gave a impression to me that steve is standing in front of a huge apple logo with his face covering the bite mark. And that he is deep in thoughts.

    the other did have any impact on me..

  17. Jill says:

    After seeing this story about the controversy over the two designs, I decided to search for the Thornley design to see for myself. Much to my suprise, I could NOT find it ANYWHERE! Every search I did turned up tons of Mak’s design, but NOTHING on Thornley. It was not until I came across the “Raid71″ link to Thornley’s designs, then after scrolling many images, did I FINALLY came to the infamous Apple! So, I can’t imagine Mak ever coming accross Thornley’s image either by search or accident. I think Mr. Thornley’s wife got a little jealous; remember it was she who contacted Mak, not Mr. Thornley…. Maybe a little regret that they didn’t post it as widley for all the world to see? Also, I’m not a legal expert, but even if (and that’s a big IF) Mr. Mak found Thornley’s design, he did not plagiarize the artwork; It is not an exact copy. Using an IDEA is not plagiarism! So, Mr. and Mrs. Thornley, unless you lost some big money deal with Apple over this apple silhouette, let it go! Mak is a college student and he’s handling the situation way better than you two grown adults! As for Mr. Mak – Kudos for sticking to your guns! From what I’ve read you have handled this attack on your creativity with grace and tact. Keep up the great work!

    • Mary says:

      Same thinsg happened to me, I was looking for Thornley’s image and could not find it anywhere until I found this blog and I agree with everything you said. I also, like so many others, like Mak’s better as well.

  18. Brett says:

    Mak’s design is way better!!!! Thornley just had bad timing releasing his design.

  19. andrew HRA says:

    Both are good…Mak’s is obviously better.

    This whole concept of using Jobs’ silhouette as the bite of the Apple logo is simple and brilliant! It’s not surprising that 2 people on a planet of 6+ billion had the same idea. I don’t believe this plagiarism…just coincidence .

  20. George says:

    Chris Thornley hasn’t provided any proof that he was the first to come up with the idea. Why is it so easy to believe him? Is it because he is British? Give me a break.

  21. liu says:

    Copy is everywhere in the technoligical age, and is also an innovation.

  22. Charles Tachie-Menson Jnr says:

    Yeah guys so lets use Mak’s logo as the new face of Apple. Its so appropriate. Steve’s profile will be on every apple product forever.

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