Francisco Cordero’s Unique Hat

This picture comes from a Uni Watch reader: “I was on the third-base line at the final Reds game of the year,” says Dan Cichalski. “Afterwards, some Reds tossed their caps into the stands and a kid near me got Francisco Cordero’s. He had quite a few things written inside.” For those of you that don’t habla español, reading top to bottom, left side first, then right…here’s what the hat says, roughly translated: “God is love, peace, life, happiness. God, in your hands we are. God guide me always, our Father bless all my family…” Then it looks like a few initials, possibly of his family. It’s tough to read the bottom.

As a ballplayer, I know his nickname is CoCo and he’s a decent reliever. A 3 time all-star with over 300 career saves. As a person, I know nothing about him. But judging by his hat, he’s alright in my book. May God bless you, CoCo.

el niño is spanish for… the niño.


[thanks to lobster Drew for the translation... high school spanish only got me about 40% through it]

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3 Responses to Francisco Cordero’s Unique Hat

  1. Brendan says:

    Uni Watch. Two words.

  2. Dan says:

    Nice post! Good work. I’m the one who sent the photo to Paul, and I’ve finally gotten around to posting my pics from that game, so I linked to your post from my photo.

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