Chargers Fans Love Face-Paint

This is a screen-shot of a Chargers fan from the Dolphins/Chargers game that most of San Diego missed unless they were watching online or at the Murph. Darren Rovell tweeted it, and TheBigLead blogged it. Not bad. However, I’d like to see your Chargers fan screen-shot…and raise you one.

Although the guy up top with a fro is awesome, I gotta give it the guy below with the two-toned wig because he’s wearing a white old school Rivers jersey, and the fro guy is either wearing an Antonio Cromartie jersey, or a Bob Sanders jersey… and either one was a bust.


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2 Responses to Chargers Fans Love Face-Paint

  1. Brenda Palstring says:

    It’s a Sanders jersey. I know because that’s my husband. :o) He has several jersey’s and when he got this one Sanders was suppose to be our next strong safety. Bob, my husband, has even been on the season tickets last year, been the face of banner ads for Union Bank, and on His buddy, Ken, and him have season tickets and truly Charger fans. I’m voting for the first pic, for obvious reasons. :D

  2. Alexa says:

    The guy with the blue afro is my grandpa!!!! And his friend who just so happens to be a damn good cook ;) They are die hard CHARGERS fans and dress up for EVERY home game. Wuuuuuuu!

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