I Hope God is Wrapping His Arms Around Steve Bartman Right Now

Alex Gibney’s film Catching Hell, the story of Steve Bartman, the Cubs fan who Chicago used as a scapegoat for their World Series woes in 2003, aired tonight on ESPN. I’m sure everybody is going to see it, so there’s no point in going into some dissertation about the piece. It was very informative and well put together. However, after watching, I’m just sad. I feel this empty void in my heart after watching it… like it’s that empty spot that Bartman must have for the city of Chicago. This poor guy. He’s still in hiding somewhere. When I heard this special was coming on, I just figured he’d finally come out of the shadows to talk about that fateful night. Nope. He’s been offered hundreds of thousands of dollars to reveal himself and sit down for an interview. Nothing. I feel so bad for him, I just want to give him a big hug and never let go. Seriously, this dude needs to feel the love of the world, and shame on of the city of Chicago for what you put that poor kid through. Honestly, made me kinda hate Chicago, a city I’ve always enjoyed. I know they feel guilty now and all that, but man, what they’ve done to this kid and his life. I just feel horrible about it. Not even kidding, if you believe in God, say a little prayer for Bartman tonight. Pray that he and his family can find the same peace that Bill Buckner has found after the 1986 Mets World Series. The airing of this film is probably just making Bartman relive his nightmare over and over. Poor guy.


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17 Responses to I Hope God is Wrapping His Arms Around Steve Bartman Right Now

  1. Charlie says:

    I agree with everything that you’ve said other than the thing about hating the city of Chicago. Not all cubs fans are like the people at wrigley that day. I also watched catching hell tonight and still fell really bad for him. I am praying for him to tonight and hope many others will do the same

    • bp says:

      That’s fair about the city of Chicago… I don’t really hate it… just the feelings I had watching it. Like the Cubs fans that night… looking for a scapegoat.

  2. Dan says:

    People take sports way to seriously esp once mixed with alcohol is not a good combination. Not cool at all how everyone reacted. This photo clearly shows the player could have NOT caught the ball to begin with. those fans are a disgrace to the game.

    • bp says:

      not so sure this photo “clearly shows the player could have NOT caught the ball”, but i do agree that booze and sports can certainly lead to fans being idiots.

      • KD says:

        I guess we will never know, will we? You wanna blame someone, blame the t.v. production crew and news for continually showing the replay.
        Let the idiot stay away from Wrigley.

  3. Mike says:

    The fans of the Cubs are baseball stupid and cowards. No one blames the shortstops for the error or the coaching staff for leaving Mark Prior in the game too long. Why do the Cubs fans feel they are entitled to a WSC? Try being a Cleveland Brown fan. Fans across the country feel you will win a championship when you earned it like every other team. As a fan of the Indians & Reds, I do not feel for the “little ole’ Cubs. You had a chance to win Game 7 and you chocked. Get over yourselves and give Steve Bartman his life back. Hell, you have won a Superbowl, an unbelievable number of NBA championships and numerous Stanley Cups – Get over yourseleves – you greedy bastards.
    Signed, a Cleveland Brown Fan.

  4. Hannah says:

    I too wish that God will wrap his arms around Steve Bartman. I admit I cried when I saw him wipe the beer from his face. I desperately hope everything is going well for him these days. He deserves all the love in the world. And shame on Chicago for what they did. I don’t understand why people call it the friendly confines. Everytime I’ve gone to a game against the Cubs, they’re loud and drunk.

  5. Erika says:

    I just watched Catching Hell for the first time tonight. I was putting off watching it because I knew that it would be devastatingly painful to watch Steve Bartman crucified by all of the Cub’s fans. It was just as heartbreaking as I thought that it would be. I wanted the Cubs to win that year as much as the next person. But to treat this poor man like this is extremely embarrassing as a Cub’s fan. No, we are not all like this. I pray that this incident has not tarnished his quality of life.

  6. what a rare person in this time of the cost of living, that Steve refuses to profit off this situation. a class act , a true cubs fan.

  7. c blaylock says:

    Steve Bartman is a genuine dude. I’m a Brewers fan and a full-fledged Cubs hater. But I want them to win the World Series just for this man’s sake.

  8. Todd says:

    Has anyone ever looked at this in slow motion? Granted Bartman is the one that touched the ball, but watch the other guy whose seat is a little closer to home plate. He could have been as much to blame as Bartman. He has hands out to trying to catch the ball. I feel for Bartman, and I agree with the comments above related to blaming him for what happened that night. Could have happened to anyone. Truth be known, I bet Bartman is a great guy, and would tell anyone he never meant to interfere with Alou’s attempt to catch the ball. A lot more caused the Cubs to faulter than Bartman’s hands. Cubs fans need to get over it and give this guy a break.

  9. Ben says:

    I place a new curse on the Cubs for having a**hole fans who simply don’t deserve to have their team win
    You’re now double cursed cubs!!!

  10. joe says:

    The Catching Hell thing aired again the other night on ESPN.
    After watching that show, the thing that hit me most is the fact that
    Chicago Cubs fans are stupid, mean, violent animals.
    I live in the South, and no way in hell would I ever want to see
    a Cubs game at the Cubs stadium in my life, much less visit Chicago.
    The place is just too damned dangerous!

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