How Much Would You Pay to See Ronnie From Jersey Shore Knock Out Terrelle Pryor?

Axelrod Sports – Despite what you may have heard on 97.9′s Morning Zoo in Columbus this morning, former Ohio State Buckeyes and current Oakland Raiders problem child Terrelle Pryor is not dating the sweetest bitch you’ll ever meet, Sammi Sweetheart

…The reason that many people are under the impression that Pryor is dating the dullest member of the Jersey Shore cast is due to a picture of the two that is now circulating around the internet. While the picture in question is in fact real, it was also taken this past March when Sammi was doing an appearance at a Columbus bar named Tipsy

Listen lobsters, I’m still catching up on news out there… apparently Terrelle Pryor is not with Sammi Sweetheart. Wait, is her last name seriously Sweetheart? Jersey Shore. I can’t even begin to comprehend the existence of these people. I won’t go off on some tangent rant, but they’re all just so effin’ stupid….awful people. Kills me. I kinda wish Pryor would’ve been with Sammi though… How much would you pay to see Ronnie go at him?

That was one punch!!


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5 Responses to How Much Would You Pay to See Ronnie From Jersey Shore Knock Out Terrelle Pryor?

  1. Mac says:

    BP, the quote was “That was one shot! ” And then he proceded to say “One shot” like 5 more times.
    I’d take Terrelle Pryor all day.

  2. BigBallinBrett says:

    Mac, with all due respect, have you seen the cannons on Ronnie? He’s 5’6 of straight muscle, not to mention the 24/7 ‘roid rage he packs with him. Pryor might be able to run away from him and maybe a little stick and move, but one shot to that pretty boy from Ronnie and his gold chain and tank top and T. Pryor is down for the count.
    Also, since when does having your picture taken with someone of the opposite sex imply that you are hooking up? Keep up the good work BP.
    PS: How much longer are you gonna milk your “I was out of town and still trying to catch up, excuse? 2 more days? we get it… you are a world traveler. Way to go.
    Always Ranting and Raving,

    • bp says:

      look at this big ballin’ joker… always giving me props, and knocking me down in the same comment. fine by me. bring it. and for the record, the answer is 2 more days.

  3. Sean says:

    The bigger question here is why are people in Columbus sill allowing Terrelle Pryor to frequent their bar? As a fan of Ohio State I would knock his lights out and tell him to never return to the city again. He already got 3 more athletes suspended for 1 game this year by handing them cash at a golf outing.

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