Seth Green is Dominating Life

Gulp. Here’s Seth Green with his wife Clare Grant. No short jokes here. Just gonna sit back and appreciate Seth. Freaking stallion. Crazy thing, she’s just three inches taller than him. Not the case when she wears 5o inch heals like she must have at the 2011 Primetime Creative Arts Emmy Awards on Sept. 11, 2011.

My take on Seth Green… he’s living the real life of his character from The Italian Job. Remember when Left Ear asks what they’ll buy now that they’ve stolen the gold, “So come on, gentlemen, shopping list. Who’s doing what? Spare no dirty details.” Handsome Rob, of course, wants an Aston-Martin Vanquish and what’s Seth’s character, Lyle, say? “I’m gonna get a NAD T-770 digital decoder with a seventy-watt amp and and Burr Brown DAC’s….It’s a big stereo. Speakers so loud, they blow women’s clothes off.” Pretty sure that’s what he does every day… just takes Clare Grant home and says, “Here honey, stand right there.”


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3 Responses to Seth Green is Dominating Life

  1. eva says:

    this is a new to me…the news about seth green being married for almost 2 years…just ruined my life…forever…im sorry i did not notice this crap …ummmm…lol last march?!?! i guess i aint a seth green stalker kind..oh well….trophy wife…the hot blonde haired model……………….I’ll pass….she aint my type…fame to fugly riches…sawll

  2. eva says:

    what is up with that damn split showing off frickin all that shittyV-cut..
    selling herself out…eww

  3. mike says:

    No need to hate… She is gorgeous!! Good for him. ;-)

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