Maryland Uniforms: Best to Ever Grace a College Football Field?

Look at these suckers? Just amazing. It’s not like they are making a complete mockery of college football as we know it, right? Right? You look at these pics and you might think those are two different teams that are playing each other, crossing paths, right? No, they’re not. You are looking at a football two-face.

That’s one glorious team…in one glorious uniform. I offer you Maryland, 2011.

Stop hating, twitverse and everybody else on the planet… and start accepting that Maryland is way ahead of it’s time and from now on… every team is going to look like a cross between a Scottish family crest/Court Jester/Chessboard. (Cute little fun fact for you via @RyanGraves: from Wikipedia, “The company was founded on January 26, 1996 by Kevin Plank, a former University of Maryland special teams captain for the university football team. Plank and co-founder Jordan Lindgren, also a former University of Maryland Football player, began their business from Plank’s grandmother’s basement in Washington, DC.“)

Get over your damn selves, you’re looking at the future, fools. Kriss Kross’ll make ya, JUMP JUMP…


[lobbed by B.Wild & The Rohde…images via @jose3030 and UniWatch]

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5 Responses to Maryland Uniforms: Best to Ever Grace a College Football Field?

  1. Rhyan W says:

    That’s the ugliest excuse for a uniform ever. Are they the Maryland Terps or refugees from Ringling Brothers?

  2. Vernon Reid says:

    BEYOND AWESOME. I wish the NFL had the same level of whimsical GUTS!

  3. Michigan fan says:

    These are so bad they make the throwback uniforms UofM and ND wore look acceptable. Two of the best uniforms in the any sport and they gayed’em up for what? Look for Marland recruiting to take a hit because of the gay uniforms. It’s not like the old uniforms were bad either. I thought they were actually pretty classy, but they ruined it now. Boomer Esiason just rolled over in his grave when he saw those uniforms. If you made a sweater with those patterns Bill cosby wouldn’t even wear it.

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  5. AtlBossPlaya says:

    Maryland should have worn those today when they played…and LOST to Temple.
    Those uni’s are Fantastically 15th Century!
    Assasin’s Creed, Altair, Etzio-espque even! Come on people where is your sense of creativity and uniqueness!?

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