Pete Rose and the Padres Mystery is Solved

See, this is why I love you Lobsters, why I love running a sports culture blog… I blog on things I really don’t know crap about… and BAM! Lobsters to the rescue. In reality, since UniWatch linked up our Pete Rose and the San Diego Padres, we received a lot of traffic from some very well informed uniform history folks.

Well, mystery solved. Here’s a link to the Sports Illustrated article about Pete Rose and free agency. When I said, “This photo looks to date in the late 1970′s, and we know Rose was on the Reds, or possibly the Phillies if it was 1979” it was a fairly accurate guess. Love that Pete Rose is pretending to take a bite out of a burger for the picture with his Padres cap on… get it? RAK. Ray A. Kroc. Owner of the Padres, owner of McDonald’s. Clever, Pete.


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4 Responses to Pete Rose and the Padres Mystery is Solved

  1. Ed says:

    I’m sure you have gotten similar entires, but here is what I remember. When Pete became a free agent after his 1978 season, there was an article (Sports Illustrated? NY Daily News?) that showcased Rose wearing several different caps including a Mets cap! He was sizing up the best deal and eventually signed with the Phillies. Greatest ball player I ever saw. He should be in BBHOF and hopefully after the smoke clears with this steroid mess in MLB, the powers that be will reconsider Pete and forgive this very special ball player for his scandalous behaviour of betting on baseball after his playing days.


  2. David Rolfes says:

    I have this article and it came out at the end of 1978. Thanks for the memory. As soon as I saw the picture…. I KNEW where it came from. I still have THAT article.

  3. Deen says:

    Anyone else think Johnny Damon with that picture of Rose in the Yankees cap? (Kind of the KC cap too…but strangely, less so in the Red Sox hat.)

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