Pete Rose and the San Diego Padres

Looking at this picture is a trip. Every baseball fan knows that Pete Rose never played for the Padres, so why the hell is Charlie Hustle wearing a Padres cap? Just one day after I posted about the history of the Padres “Taco Bell” hat, out comes Pete Rose rockin’ it. So, what’s the story? I stumbled upon the pic on 90 Feet of Perfection. I guess the description of the picture said Rose “had to wear the cap for sizing during a portrait.” I don’t even know what the hell that means. A portrait? Sizing? He didn’t know his hat size at that point in his career? Is there an archive somewhere with gobs of MLB players all wearing Padres hats even though they never played for them?  This photo looks to date in the late 1970′s, and we know Rose was on the Reds, or possibly the Phillies if it was 1979. Here’s a fun fact for you… Pete Rose did play for the Padres…kind of.

Rose almost DID play for the Padres while they were still a PCL team in 1962. This is due to the fact that the Padres were an affiliate of the Cincinnati Reds from 1962 to 1965. Rose was actually featured in the official program for the 1962 season while wearing a Padres cap. I assume he was expected to play for the team that year? I scanned a photo of it scanned from Bill Swank’s incredible book “Baseball In San Diego – From The Padres To Petco” which is the 2nd volume he wrote that chronicles the history of the game in the city of San Diego.”

Pretty cool little bit about Rose and the Padres, right? Even though I’d never seen those above pics, I’ve always associated him with the Padres. Here’s why: On September 11, 1985, Pete Rose passed Ty Cobb’s career hit record and officially became “The Hit King.” A sellout crowd at Riverfront Stadium and a national television audience watched Rose hit a first inning line drive on a 2-1 slider from Eric Show for hit No. 4,192…and there’s Garvey, all smiles. Ready to get personal? Thanks to my boy, JayDub, who got that Pete Rose “hit king” picture above autographed for me at a show in Vegas. It’s up on the wall in my home office. JayDub called me to ask if I wanted him to write anything on it. I immediately told him what I wanted. So there it sits on my wall: “Brady, Keep Hustling”. Get it? Charlie Hustle? A gambling hustler? Brilliant. Horrible glare on the picture below, but you get the idea. Love it.

***UPDATE: The Pete Rose and the Padres Mystery is Solved Here***


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12 Responses to Pete Rose and the San Diego Padres

  1. Mac says:

    We saw Mr. Rose tailgating at a Chargers game and approached him as kind as can be and he was a total dick. Regards

    • bp says:

      I was there with you at that game…and you’re correct… he wasn’t in to having Bolts fan come up and talk to him. maybe if we would’ve paid him to talk to us?

    • John says:

      I wasn’t there, so I can only give you a second-hand opinion, but Pete Rose is probably like anyone else in that there’s times when he just wants to hang out with his friends and not be bothered by every person who recognizes him. Imagine being Leonard Nimoy and not being able to step out in public without every pimply-faced nerd with questionable hygeine approaching him and talking in Klingon and screaming “I’m not worthy”. That probably gets old real fast–same with a HOF baseball player, every baseball card dork and psuedo-intellectual who thinks something called WAR is a real statistic will flock whenever he’s in a public place. They probably have days when they’re just tired of it. Not defending bad behavior, just playing devil’s advocate.

  2. zvair65 says:

    I think SI or some magazine did an article in the late ’70′s on where Rose might end up as a free agent. They had pics of him in a few caps; I remember one was a Yankees hat. He ended up signing with the Phillies. This could be from that series of pictures.

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  4. LB14 says:

    The pic was from Sports Illustrated when Pete was a free agent. They had him wearing several of the team’s caps he was considering signing with.

  5. john f. says:

    I actually have a san diego union newspaper from 1962 that shows pete rose in the padres line up playing 3rd base.

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