Why Does the San Diego Union Tribune Hate Vincent Jackson?

John R. McCutchen - SD U-T

There probably isn’t a bigger supporter of Vincent Jackson on the planet. My opinion is 100% biased. Huge Chargers fan, and VJ and I have quite the interesting history together. All that aside, isn’t this a weird picture of VJ? Super close up, eyes half-closed, looking away from the camera. It’s from a Kevin Acee article in the U-T a few days ago. Great article about how VJ wants to stay on the Chargers past 2011. That’s music to my ears…to my soul. So, why did the San Diego Union-Tribune use this weird picture? Because they hate VJax if you ask me. Ok, maybe they don’t hate him, but man…sure seems like it sometimes. Vincent Jackson is a handsome young man, and he should be displayed as such.

AP Photo/Denis Poroy

See? Handsome….and yoked.



[lobbed by The Rohde]

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3 Responses to Why Does the San Diego Union Tribune Hate Vincent Jackson?

  1. caster says:

    i respectfully disagree with your assessment. i think he looks introspective; as if he’s thinking about his amazing future with the Chargers. the photographer captured the moment just prior to him looking up and saying “yep. you’re right, bp. it will be that amazing.” but, with regards to his guns, yeah… getting me to stop staring is like trying to pull a mule away from an oat bin. so you’re spot on there.

  2. Dave says:

    Come on Caster! He looks like he’s in a drunken haze, which (considering his history) proves that the UT hates him and doesn’t want him in San Diego. Or like he’s the black cousin of Steve Buscemi in Mr. Deeds. “Time heals all things, except these crazy eyes.”

    But I do agree about his guns…

    Enjoy your oat bin.

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