Hey Giants Fans! I Hate SF! Love, Mat Latos

that’s all.





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2 Responses to Hey Giants Fans! I Hate SF! Love, Mat Latos

  1. Barry Bones says:

    Good thing latos is a talente pitcher with multiple Cy Youngs, All Sar visits, and World Series Rings. Wait, that’s the entire pitching staff for the Giants, including Timmy who has 2 Cy Youngs, 3 All Star trips, and a WS ring in his first three
    years. Go ahead and hate on what you will never be in baseball an in a life, a classy winning pitcher. Continue with the douchebaggery floor mat, and whatever douche fan posted this.

  2. PHP87 says:

    Latos owned by the Giants once again.

    This time in front of his home fans, all of whom saw the Reds blow a 2-0 series lead and lose the series by getting swept at home and Latos giving up a Grand Slam to Buster Posey, which turned out to be the difference.

    The GS bouncing off of the upper tank just above Latos’ name on the lighted stat board was sweet, as was the reaction by Reds catcher Ryan Hanigan and Latos just hanging his head knowing he just gave up a 4 run slam, turning a close 2-0 game into a 6-0 game, with the slam being the difference in a 6-4 final.

    Posey – Class
    Latos = Ass

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