Mat Latos in a Trevor Hoffman Jersey

I love Trevor Hoffman. I love Mat Latos. This is Latos on Trevor Hoffman Day wearing a Hoffman 601 jersey. Hoffman’s number 51 replaced with his final number of saves, 601. It was an amazing day at Petco Park, and I will have a post later with my thoughts from the day that the Padres retired Trevor’s number. Only because you can’t see Mat’s mohawk in it’s full glory in that top picture, here’s another one.

With zero exaggeration, I can say that Mat Latos has the stuff to become the greatest pitcher in the history of the San Diego Padres. He’s young, so time will tell. Either way, it’s refreshing to me to see him rocking this Trevor Hoffman jersey, paying his respects to the greatest closer in the history of Major League Baseball.


[thanks for the pics, Dallas]

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7 Responses to Mat Latos in a Trevor Hoffman Jersey

  1. Amy Beam says:

    We were at the game last Wednesday that he pitched vs. the Mets and I was unimpressed. Besides, if he is any good the Padres will probably trade him eventually because it will be difficult to keep him on the payroll. I’m just sayin’.

  2. Dallas Latos says:

    Yep… nothing good can ever come from a hitter getting ahold of a 95-97 mph fastball- especially at Petco Park down the third base line. GONER. Shame on pitchers who give up runs… unbelievable.

  3. Yeah, I was at that game last Wednesday as well. Outside of 1 pitch getting yanked by one of the better third-basemen in all of baseball, Latos had a pretty good outing.

    Don’t be so quick to assign quality or lack thereof because of what the scoreboard says after 9 innings. It’s not always the complete picture.

  4. Amy says:

    To be fair I was not diligently watching the game as I brought my one year old with me to the park. I didn’t mind the fast ball home run. I recall a play before that where he hesitated and then threw to second rather than first and that seemed like a poor choice. But really who cares what I think?

    Dallas I hope that your husband is as good as BP claims that he will be and more importantly I hope that he is just a really cool person (which IS evident in the post above).

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