Screw You, Gerard Butler…Put Some Clothes On

Just stumbled across this picture of a freaking yoked Gerard Butler. Dude is 41 years old. What an asshole. Making all of us under the age of 41 look like a buncha jerks because we’re not this jacked. Whoever told me those abs in the movie 300 were all spray painted and photoshopped on there is an idiot.


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10 Responses to Screw You, Gerard Butler…Put Some Clothes On

  1. gardnlady1 says:

    He had a six hour a day training schedule for 300, said he would never do it again. He has lost a lot of his 300 weight. Many scenes of him off camera for 300, and in training, looking like NO spray paint on that body! His female fans would like him to gain some weight, but he is learning surfing right now for a new movie…he also is learning to fly a helicopter, learned how to use a machine gun for Machine Gun Preacher, coming out soon, and was in a knife fight with Ralph Fiennes in Coriolanus; graduated from law school in Scotland . Other than that, the 6’2″ dude has nothing going for him….

  2. JoJo says:

    He has a few flaws like his appetite for YOUNG models. Lovin and leaving them pretty quickly. I am sure he has a few kids out there and given a few lasses their a few STDs, but hey, that’s his lifestyle. Works hard and Plays harder!!!!

    • gardnlady1 says:

      Women who date him have to make their own decisions, as he is always a short term guy. Women are not paper dolls with no minds of their own. He is a pretty careful guy, and does more flirting then actual sleeping with; at least nowadays. His rep in Scotland and the London when he started out about 15 years ago was far worse than it is now! A true womanizer as a young man in his 20s. and 30s… LOL! He is slowing down. His fans are VERY realistic! STDs and kids unlikely, but people do like to assume those things.

  3. LobShots says:

    Where did all you chicks come from? I know you’re not regular lobbers.

    • gardnlady1 says:

      Gerard fans do regular searches through Google, FB and Twitter…I believe it is an obsession … :) If you would like to be truly horrified, go into Youtube, type in Gerard Butler, most recent uploads, and you will find if you keep looking what must be dozens or hundreds of videos by women setting every pic they can find of Gerard to music. His female fans love his Scottish accent, his funny (and sometimes very colorful) stories, and his personality. There is even a fan site called Weirdly Obsessive Gerard Butler Fan site. they just cannot help it… :)

  4. This was soooo fun! Let’s do this again some time! Love all you nay-sayers and all you lovers. BTW, I’m definitely a lover…

  5. chelle says:

    Gerry is the man of my dreams,wot can i say except wot a hottie,funny talented actor his movies that i have seen up until now have had me laughing & crying( sometimes both in the same movie.) my favorite has to be p.s i love you.was kicking myself the other week wen gerry was playing at parkhead,i could not get to the match as something really important came up.cannot believe he was only an hour away from me. :(
    cannot wait to see his new movie machine gun preacher it looks awesome. :D
    love chelle. x

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