LeBron James Power Dunk on Mavericks in Game 2

The game is still going as I post this. Lebron is a friggin’ beast. I think the old olé defensive strategy is working well for Dallas.


[via @blazersedge]

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One Response to LeBron James Power Dunk on Mavericks in Game 2

  1. J Red says:

    The HEAT got the 3 Top Scorers of the 2010 Cavs, Raptors, and Heat.

    One might be tempted to say that the Heat is under-achieving because they are not winning via blowouts.

    It could be for the Heat: that a loss, simulated or not, will hopefully give some semblance of competition,
    and therewith some credibility to that championship trophy.

    One might root for the Mavs to win it,
    probably hoping that this “short-cutting to glory” by big market teams will be discouraged.

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