Somebody Punch that Talking Basketball in the NBA Logo

I can’t be the only one that thinks these NBA talking basketball commercials are awful, right? I hate them. I love the idea of recapturing classic moments from past NBA Finals, but this stupid talking ball? So, so dumb. Here’s a few of them spliced together if you’ve decided to not watch the NBA Playoffs this year.

YouTube Preview Image

The basketball’s voice changes? So, there’s a bunch of talking Official NBA Finals basketballs just roaming around town picking up commercials gigs? While watching the final game of the Heat vs. Bulls series, the Dr. J commercial being interviewed by the talking ball came on, and it hit me. At any moment I was ready for the this stupid ball to jump on Dr. J’s head and yell out “Gryffindor!”


[Yeah, so what? I think the NBA talking basketball is just like the sorting hat from Harry Potter. Can't believe I just made a reference to Harry Potter? What an idiot, right? Yeah, well, you knew what I was talking about. So shut up.]

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One Response to Somebody Punch that Talking Basketball in the NBA Logo

  1. Dave says:

    I couldn’t agree more. The one that really gets me is the one of Michael Jordan crying and then pans to the stupid talking basketball. Words can not express the anger I felt. Here is an amazing moment in NBA history…. Ruined by a talking basketball. Shame on the NBA. They should take a page from the NHL advertising book. Now those are great commercials and make you want to watch the sport. Thanks for blogging this. At least I know I am not alone.


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