I Hate Kim Kardashian

So, the idiot forward for the New Jersey Nets, Kris Humphries, proposed to Kim Kardashian, and gave her a 20.5 carat diamond ring. Oh, and thanks to Kim’s awful mom, they had two mini-horses waiting for them, covered in glitter, at the after party. Yes, you read that correctly. Glittered mini-horses. What the hell is going on here? Did Oompa Loompas ride them in? Was Falcor flying in circles overhead? Was Willy Wonka’s river of chocolate flowing from their faucets? Here‘s the whole sleazy story, Mr. French Tickler. I just want to vomit reading this crap. That entire family disgusts me. My wife will channel surf her way to all those stupid Kardashian reality shows so I can’t avoid seeing/hearing parts of them every once in awhile. If I watch for more than 30 seconds, I’m driven into a deep state of rage creating an unsafe environment for anybody within 500 feet of me. I’ve already had one brilliant blog post about Kim Kardashian. So, I saw this engagement news this morning, and about 5 billion headlines for this LobShots blog came to mind. I exploded with creative emotion… the most truthful one is the one I chose. I’m not proud of it, I just hate her. How ’bout this? “I strongly dislike Kim Kardashian”? I mean, I was taught not to hate…my mother raised me better than that. Mom, if you’re reading this, stop here… you won’t be proud of these headlines I thought of, but decided against…because they are mean, and as you know, I am nice.

Kim Kardashian should die of gonorrhea and rot in hell.

Kardashian, I Gotta Feeling Your Whole Family’s Goin’ Down

20.5 carats + 6’9” = Sucker for a Giant Ass

Kris Humphries has never seen a reality TV show, proposes to Kim Kardashian.

Kris Humphries Turned a Deaf Ear to Lamar Odom’s Warning: Run Away

Reggie Bush, Ray J and Countless Others Hospitalized from Excessive Laughing

I could go on, I won’t, you get the idea. I feel like my mind needs to take a bath after thinking about this awful family for this long. I’m disgusted with myself. I’m disgusted with you for reading it.

**UPDATE: Kim Kardashian Duped America With Publicity Stunt Marriage**

**ANOTHER UPDATE: Life & Style Weekly magazine quoted this post…MISQUOTED…I responded here**


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97 Responses to I Hate Kim Kardashian

  1. arak says:




  2. Cree-dub says:

    Kim Kardashian is a beautiful and multi-talented individual. All the haters out there are just jealous of her success. Don’t pay attention to them Kim, you are an inspiration to all of us! Xoxo

    • Sanch says:

      Totally agree Cree-Dub! She’s a perfect role model for young girls on how to make a sex tape to become rich and famous. After that, then make some terrible reality shows with your equally fame whoring sisters and mother, while proceding to nail every available athlete you can find. Rinse and repeat.

      • Cree-dub says:

        Kim herself has condemned her own embarassing tape, and lists it among her biggest regrets. Have you even read her book?

        And while the shows might not be to your liking, it’s not much more than an opinion to call them “terrible” and then dismiss them. If you have a problem with the show, take it up with the millions of fans who watch it regularly. It’s still on the air for a reason, isn’t it?

        Do you have any idea how hard life can be in the public eye? Kim dates people she connects with, people who share her struggles, just as I assume you do, or once did. You sit there and blindly insult her when, in reality, you know nothing of her.

        Don’t let them get you down, Kim! Xoxo

        • jen ted says:

          oh yay she showed her class by buying the rights to the sex video so she could make the profit and then did a couple playboy spreads… this woman screams “classy role model” she is just another beautiful woman on the outside who is a ugly human on the inside. all the good she might potentially do one day, and i emphasized the word potentially (cause i doubt she ever will actually do anything but live off mommy and daddy) will never take away from the fact that she sells her body to stay famous. eventually she will be old and not worth her weight in gold and something younger and better looking will come around, and she will go back to having nothing in her life but her regrets. oh and a 20 carat diamond ring from an ex husband

        • Jen says:

          They won’t get her down Cree!! She’s only getting started on her rapid rise to the top!! Let her say “hi haters” from her Bentley while these people have to take city busses. LOL

          • Teresa says:

            When kim said on the Nikki Sixx show last week that she would rather clothe starving children then feed them i lost every bit of respct for that trashy woman. She doesnt care about donating any money to the needy for food because her fat ass has never had to starve. she has never had to worry about food. isf she could only feel what its liek to go without! and hlaf the people who support her are drones and complete morons like her! they have never had to go without either! everything has been handed to them! she and her family are pieces of shit! all they care about is money and fame! and to the women who think she is a role model to young girls! you have bumped your head hard core!! she is a slut, sells her sex for money, throws away her endless supply of cash that she never has and never will work for… oh yea! thats what we want.. no since in raising our children to be responsible and know how it feels to work for thier own things.. no.. lets make them all bimbos like the kardashians!! i so agree with SAUNCH.. they are pethetic!
            ughh.. some people disgust me..

          • India A. says:

            EVERYONE in America has the chance to become the owner of a Bentley, but more people than not have the morals and sanity to NOT desire rediculous material objects, especially if gained through degrading, criminal activity. Who wants to earn money through prostitution?

        • Minnie says:

          LOL such an idiot follower. Of course she will say anything to appear innocent but since the tape, she made a “music video” which is nothing but soft porn.

          All she does is take her clothes off and her regret for playboy was that she wished she waited until after the numerous lyposuction treatments.

          You are the blind one dear, this family is defrauding charities, faking companies and hiding their money in a tax free church the mom “founded”

          WAKE UP!

        • BOYCOTTKIM.COM says:

          That’s all kim does IS go down! kim and her family are nothing but greedy armanian trash! Who keeps wedding gifts AFTER filing for divorce and buys her family gifts w/ that store credit then LIES about “donating” double to a charity? A good role model doesn’t do that. The charity confirmed they never received the $$. Who is too stupid to do the math? double would be around $ 1 mill anyway. She screwed all the people who were stupid enough to go to the “wedding” and gift her.

          Family lied about not making ANY $$ from the wedding so they don’t have to report it or share it w/ Kris H. (that’s an $18 mill lie). They steal, that’s how they have made alot of their money, fool. Quite the role model and we don’t even have to count the sex tape b/c that tape is nothing compared to all the other crimes they are committing on a daily bsis.

    • anna says:

      SHe does inspire me…to go out and sell my body and have multiple plastic surgery to look like a fake ho_!! This female has NO talent and is no role model for any young woman!!
      Her lip booty and whatever else injections look terrible and she is a piggggggggggggg

    • jo says:

      multi taeted in being a whore!!!
      shes a talented:
      cock sucker
      camera whore etc etc

    • Mischelle says:

      Her & her whole family are money hungry!
      Her father had a murderer set free so he can can money!
      They have no talent at all & they claim that their “talent” is running a stupid business!
      She sold her wedding photos herself for $200,000.
      She’s glad that her sex tape got out so she can have an excuse to sue somebody!
      She sued Old Navy for using a Canadian singer for their advertisements just cause she looked a little bit like Kim Kardashian! That Canadian singer was already famous waaaay before Kim K did.

      Sounds like a money hungry whore to me. Their show is only interesting because the producers & editors make it interesting & I seriously can’t believe stupid people like you actually “adore” them.

      • Teresa says:

        soo true!! thats the main reason chris couldnt deal with her. he didnt want to be in the camera all the time. he hated the show. but dealt with it for her.. im glad he got away.. but he was a moron for dating her to begin with but hey! i guess money is better then happiness in thier world! she is trashy, camera whore and needs to fall off the face of this earth!

    • Juan Charles says:

      Really, you must be dumb.

    • inkymatt says:

      Hooker training 101

    • Simon says:

      yeah this is a response “a insperation? that means ur a whore to everyone like kim and who like kim should die by being butt raped by a walruss and an elephant

    • reedickulous says:

      By “us”, do you mean whores?



    • Wily says:

      Talented? In what? Porn? She has no talent at all. She’s using her fathers name, a known murderer defender to gain fame. The entire family need to disappear.

    • Jewls Shen says:

      You must be one of other siblings that has no life and gets paid on Kim’s dime to search for these posts all day on the net and to write such ridiculous comments to support her. Or maybe its her other bitch.. Hi Bruce!! ;)

  3. Lynette says:

    Why would suc a beautiful woman with the wealth and seemingly fabulous – don’t have to worry or stressful life. Really. I’m sure its stressful in the oppsosite ways an upper or middle even low class life would lead. Why not donate to a charity or 2. The U.S of A is struggling – with natural disasters and the war. And Kim wants a royal wedding and has a 2 mill rings? Pathetic I’m beautiful-my husband is a DOCTOR and an AIR FORCE VETERAN saving lives…might be hers someday and I wear a 2 carrot weeding ring. And Kim has beeen with this new guy ….how long? Attention getting. DO SOMTHING FOR YOUR COUNTRY OTHER THEN A SEX OBJECT BEFORE YHOU WANT TO BE BETTER THEN THE ROYAL FAMILY. BC YOU ARE ALL NOT. SALUTE.

    • Teresa says:

      no, when asked to donate her money to charity she said it was going to the kardashian charity to help clothe less fortunate girls.. not girls without. just ones who arent “in style”… (which means they will get clothes from thier hidious clothing line).. poor girls i say…
      when asked wouldnt you rather feed a starving child instead of giving them clothes she said no, shed rather a fashoined belt around thier waist then food in thier starving bellies. they will be okay, as long as they are in style!!! like what the hell is wrong with her??

  4. Bill says:

    Kim K is a troubling thing to see people and our kids look up to someone as her. Is she educated ? I think not! She is a sign that lower mentality people are increasingly getting coverage they don’t deserve because they are selfish,prideful and arrogant losers w/nothing to offer thats good.

  5. Cree-dub says:

    I think Bill and Lynette should get married and make one thousand babies. Then star in a reality show on E! about raising them.

  6. karen says:

    I think her and her slutty sisters are disgusting and are not stars. People idolize that trash and it makes me sick!!!!

  7. Esme says:

    I think people like cree dub is why whores like kim kardashian are famous because they’re unmoral just like her if I got lipo from my face to my hips and injected into my a** I’d be prettier and so would alot of other women if they had the money to get lipo and get hair removal cause we all know armenians are hairy as hell….So kim could rot in hell like it says and continue to fix her face cause I want to see her in another 10-15 years!

    • Cree-dub says:

      We might be “unmoral” but at least we have thin faces, hips, and healthy asses. You WOULD be prettier, but you’re not, so go away.

      • magic says:

        Sure dumb-dumb, I highly doubt your anything more than an empty shell men wouldn’t bother to take a second to remember once they toss your panties to you as your walking out the door.

      • fackyoubitch says:

        your fucking brutal…..the fact that your even defending this waste of skin is disgusting…you must be a ugly, hollow person to think that kim k stands for anything good

        • Jen says:

          Cree-dub….my friend…THANK your parents for giving you a brain!!! You all could learn something from this person! Sorry you all don’t have money for a gym but maybe try lifting packages of top ramen? GET A JOB YOU LOSERS!!!! SMH

          • Teresa says:

            thank her parents for the brain????HA HA I KNOW YOUR OUT OF YOUR MIND TOO!!! she has no brain if she likes kim kardashian! just because we arent all fame and fourtne doesnt mean anything! we are the hard workers who actually make a living! she does not, and i guess niether do you.. mommy n daddy put that silver spoon in your mouthses and said go out and show your tits and ass and guys will love you..
            as for myself, i have morals and values.. i am a real woman!

      • Teresa says:

        wow… i cant belive someone could look up to that slutty, fake whore! you must be just as fake! no man will ever rewally love you or her for eho you are.. its all about what you preted to be.. good luck finding tue happiness!!

    • Jen says:

      If you want the money work for it! Don’t hate on more blessed people!!

  8. magic says:

    love’n this article. I hope she gets diarrhea at the alter and TMZ is waiting in the wings to take photos. What a family of trash with money, so sad are younger generation has to listen to the pointless garbage that comes out of this nobody’s mouth. Make another porn kim, before you fade into the land of who gives a dam.

  9. stevan says:

    I hope this bitch gets AIDS and dies shes’s a horrible role model and a total fucking slut I hope her and lady GAGA fucking die in a plane crash I can’t STAND this stupid talentless Ray Jay Cock sucking whore. lol

    • I hate the F%#$ Krapashians says:

      lol, I am with you, I also hate the fucking bitch and her family and I tell you what I didn’t know anything about this trashy people until recently. I saw them on the covers of the magazines next to the lollipops that our babies want at the supermarket. I googled them and I am really disgusted. It is a real shame to see how many stupid people are in our country. They do not have the mental capacity to discern between trashy slutty famyly and good peope, most people in the country now can’t differentiate between good morals/values and real caca. I hate the Trashtatians and I pray they go away. I feel sorry for the parents that already have to deal with their children asking them who the sluts are.

  10. iLoveM says:

    Why do gilrs idolize a fake beauty ( is she) as Kim? Fake face, fake boobs, fat ass! She’s a whore! I hate her! She really looks like a cock sucker! You’re gross Kim!

    • I hate the F%#$ Krapashians says:

      of course she looks like cocksucker, she is one! and she also looks like someone who likes to be bathed in urine, because she does that.

  11. Advice for Kim Kardashian. says:

    Hey young girls want to be like me Kim Kardashian want to be big in hollywood. Make a sex tape with a Douchebag. Dont forget to marry a rich guy cause a kim Kardashian man is as good and his fame and bank account. Forget all that beauty with in shit or from out for that matter lol…… and if his dick can’t fit in your mouth or in you then that’s a plus.

  12. Frank says:

    I caught a glimpse of an episode the other night that made me sick. kim was all on her brothers Rob about him not having a job .(not everyone can get by on looks like Kim has done + sleazy sextape) I do admit she has her other half Kris Humphries trained well he was gonna physically assault Rob just because Rob and Kim had words. kris is so pussywhipped its not even funny. im sure in time that marriage will go belly up and he will be kicked to the curb.

  13. nyc says:

    Can we please start a IHATEKIMKARDASHIAN.COM

    There needs to be a major backlash against this woman and her empire. She is morally and ethically disgusting and America is making her a billionaire for it? I do not get it. I cannot believe a seemingly nice guy like Kris Humphries is not embarrassed to call her his wife!

    She is the worst example for young women today. From being penetrated without a condom by a womanizing idiot on video and acting like a whore to being a liar with all the plastic surgery denials. Let’s just say its obvious she does botox and fillers and has a had a nose job and liposculpting galore. Does she really believe we are stupid enough to take an implant free X ray as proof that she hasn’t had her ample body fat injected into her huge ass so she can attract men.

    America, come on! I don’t care how many of us think she is “hot”. She is gross and we should stop making her rich. Boycott the Kardashians!!! It is about time!

    • Reality says:

      This is the smartest and most right on Kim Kardashian post ever! Who will be smart enough to start the ihatekimkardashian.com

      • ZoomZoom says:

        I 100% agree with you guys!
        She is repulsive! It makes me absolutely livid that she is famous because of her appearance. We all look the same when we are DEAD. It is the postive impacts throughout your life that you want to be remembered for! I wonder if people will still find her attractive when she becomes droopy and saggy… in her “assests” ..She makes me want to gag. I think if I ever met her in person I would wretch and throw up on her. I am not jealous of her in the least bit. I’m very content with who I am, inside and out.

  14. sicktomystomach says:

    This whore had, what, 90 million dollar earrings to go with her 19 slut-tastic ‘wedding’ dresses, while millions of AMERICANS starve? It makes me sick. Any normal woman who is 5’2″ and has the measurements of a 6 foot tall Amazon would be considered chubby not hot. If any woman who’s net worth wasn’t even near her crap, was a big enough IDIOT to make a sex tape, would probably have killed herself by now because of the ridicule. She should be stoned like the whore she is, I’m sure we all have less sins than this moronic excuse for a person. Ick.

  15. Justathought says:

    It isn’t easy to see these fabricated fake celebrities who seem to be financially comfortable to begin with get millions for nothing. KK is a top offender because she seems to have no discernable talent,a shitty personality,a fake,plastic face and body,a big famewhoring family,a father who got OJ off and is possibly the one who hid the bloody clothes it is rumored,a cold,ugly,[even for erotica] sex tape that she benefitted financially from, more and more sexual endorsements,”branding” maniacs the Kardashians from everything from pee to p,rude,nasty comments full of snarkey,cold Valley Girls snottiness,fakeness and artiface saturation,a stable of lawyers to force the public into submission,creepy asshole alliances like Joe Frances and Jonathan crepnosejob pr gut plus an empty,shitass like Ryan Seacrest pushing these voidoids all over the place. Phoney “positive” spinning for some disturbing people.

  16. Jen says:

    All of you little girls are jealous name me ONE WOMAN that looks the slightest bit better than Kim……yeah didn’t think you could!! And she spends her hard earned money just like y’all would. ON YOURSELVES!! Don’t tell me you would donate much if any of it. In the meantime instead of bitching about her money…. GET A JOB!!! SAVE UP FOR PLASTIC SURGERY so maybe you can look half as good as Kim. So what if she made a sex tape her asshole ex released it outta spite!!! Have YOU ever made a sex tape with your significant other?? Or are you too ugly to get laid? Buncha haters!! And you little boys hating on her are jealous cause you’ll never get a woman like Kim. She’s a rich goddess MILLIONS of people would agree!! Kthxbai

    • Danielle says:

      hard earned money? I’m sorry WHAT?! you’re just some shallow bitch who has enough time on your hands to watch their pathetic famedwhored lives. They’re “famous” for absolutely nothing. hard earned as in getting pictures of yourself half and fully naked? filing for divorce after how long? yeah pretty sure shes just as morally and ethically disgusting as you clearly seem to be. get a life.. read the news, get into politics. ANYTHING.

      • Jen says:

        Look who made it far….KIM!! WHO AND WHERE ARE YOU???? LMAO!!!!! Kim could take your man or woman simply by walking by him or her. Get over it!! Kim is here to stay while you have to watch her on ET on the TV at Walmart crying wishing you had her looks, brains, and money!! Famous for nothing??? LOOK AT HER FLAWLESS GORGEOUS SELF!! She has her own clothing line and handbag line you jealous idiot!! Oh and clothing boutiques nationwide. And perfumes. SMH yeah I think she’ll be ok. Go adjust the wire hanger on your radio and tune in as she gets richer. HAHAHAHAHA!!!!

        • Jen says:

          And yes I have some time on my hands I’m a housewife and part time model that lives in the Hamptons. I don’t need to work at McDonald’s scrubbing toilets like you. Go sell your food stamps for tampons loser because you seem like you’re on your period. Now excuse me while I eat my filet mignon and Maine lobster dinner made by my private chef.

        • ZoomZoom says:

          Jen Said –> “Kim is here to stay while you have to watch her on ET on the TV at Walmart crying wishing you had her looks, brains, and money!!” …..

          Brains? Oh, so then when people knocked on my head they would hear a loud echo, right? Cut it out. Go look at websites dedicated to starving, AIDS children in Africa who would do anything for 1 penny before they starved to death. And then look back at all of your comments. Breaks my heart :(

          • BOYCOTTKIM.COM says:

            People like te kartrashians are the reason why people in AMERICA are starving and their greed takes from EVERYONE all over the world so, before you start complaining about a few typed words, TRY to understand that by not taking action against a disease, YOU are supporting it’s rampant strangle hold.

          • you are an idiot says:

            Uh yeah, are you seriously bragging about being a gold digger? You’re a housewife. Go scrub the toilet.

        • I hate the F%#$ Krapashians says:


          What the fuck are you doing here typing? I told you to go clean the dog shit in the balcony, and after you are done I need you to come scrap the my heels with the pumice stone. Now, shut up and get out of here fucking bitch like fucking kim krapashina

        • Laura says:

          kim & family didn’t make it “far”, they made it wide and if they keep doing what they are doing, they will all be in jail soon. At lest YOU will go vist them if you are not too busy being a housewife cuz no one else will. BTW, they are loosing $$$ b/c no one buys their krap!

        • Laura says:

          If you saw kim in person you would not say the things you are. she is a blob of fat & she let’s men grab that fat ass of hers. To her it’s a compliment.

    • Minnie says:

      The karTRAHIians have never “earned” their money, it is a KNOWN fact that they lie, cheat, prostitute and steal for monetary gain which does not in any way, require “work” or earning their own way. The k- dad certainly left them nothing after his death and they continue to use other men for profit.

      Kthxbai is an ignorant follower w/ no self esteem and who probably believes she and kim are best friends the way she is supporting her.

      Kim DOESN’T EVEN LOOK THE WAY SHE DOES w/o multiple enhancement procedures that YOU are paying for. You talk like you know her but if you did, you would have no alternative to agree w/ 99% of these comments. Go ahead, look at all kims before pictures for they cannot lie.

      I must be in jealous based denial of that TRASHY family since everyday I thank God that I am not one of them and I give extra thanks for being me.

    • Mya says:

      Oh poor pathetic gullible little Jen. kim & pimp kris “leaked” the tape for $100k after kim was trying to gain attention from Paris H. life & HER sex tape. kim knows she has nothing to offer and is comfortable being a low class tramp. It’s her ONLY talent! They lie cheat & steal for their money and I doubt you can afford the designs they dupliated to call their own. LOL Poor jen.

  17. idiotsaround says:

    oh yeah she is a really good exmaple for kids….she’s a whore a loser, no talented piece of worthless crap with BS lame boring reality shows, yes i hate her too ….she is trash and scum….but the media seems to love trash like that wench….and tranny gagme and the rest of the bunch of talentless wh*res out there today along with katy perry….that’s all u find in the media

  18. Juan Charles says:

    This Kim K is such a colossal waste of time…Her 15 minutes will hopefully expire SOON. As for her sick and twisted family…get ready to get a life after Kim, you fools!

    • BOYCOTTKIM.COM says:

      So funny that “Gweneth Paltrow (kim is low class & tacky), JLo (stop using me for fame, kim and won’t be seen w/ her) Eva Longoria (keeping her distance from kim) & Beyonce (wants kim “nowhere near” their Watch Throne tour), “In touch” and “OK”mags have also turned against kim.

      “Vogue editor in cheif Anna Wintour banned kim from attending the Costume Inst. Gala and Kanye went alone and people didn’t even ask him where kim was, while kim blogged about the bash as if she were there.”

      Even “Tory Birch could not override the snub when Kanye said it was kim he wanted to bring to the Gala. Anybody else would be ok.” LOL

      “Not one high- end designer wanted to dress her for the party” (that she wasn’t invited to LOL). “She thought she would get the invite when she contacted Michael Kors but he didn’t even return her call”. “It’s a horrible fact that that Designers and A- list events, she’s just not welcome.”

      Anyway, this is the best 4 page news about kim. I NEVER BUY THE MAGS, I just hide and read in the store. “I.T. mag” was so kim friendly once and calls Hollywood fickle but I think kim will be out forever. Yes, kim & family are a terrible disease and hard to get rid of but I have faith she’s washed up. Have you seen her new lips? Getting fatter (esp. top lip) and dueling for space w/ the cheek implants and Botox so much her face is more & more distorted every time she is feeling sorry for herself. She will & is to ruin herself. OBVIOUSLY!!!

  19. inkymatt says:

    What kind of mother sells her children? Sad plastic family

  20. Nicole says:

    think Kim should just leave Kris alone she needs to go get famous elsewhere she is sooooo annoying i hate her seeing everything with her grosses me out! she just needs to divorce him and move on with her so called “fab” life she got exactly what she wanted which was fame is this enough fame for her????? Her being famous screws her in the head!!! Just fallow through with the divorce and allow Kris to be happy with someone else other then this chick! i have never hated someone sooo much!

  21. emily4444 says:

    i think you are so fake. and i think kris seems to be a good person and your trashing his image. How could you do that to someone, your ruining his life. As a once fan people already thought you were fake but then you get in a relationship and your fans are invested in your life and you cant even make that work. are you that superficial and fake? I hope kris sues you and your corrupt mom’s little empire comes crashing down. you good for nothing whore go make another sex tape, because thats all you know how to. FUCK OFF WHORE!

  22. emily4444 says:

    your show should also be off the air because i cant stand to see you or your fake ass bitch mom and family on the t.v. and to think that bruce was the normal one. he seems to be mind fucked also! i say that you let kris anull the marriage that way you can get on with life and stop making yourself look so bad.

  23. Tiffany says:

    I think Kim is a waste of space! While she may do some good the way her own show portrays her is as a spoiled brat who throws a fit if she doesn’t get her way! She spent and wasted all that money and then after 76 days ends it, what happened 2 working on a marriage? I love how they try to say how Kris is money hungry, the whole family needs 2 take a good long look in the mirror because that show does nothing but make them look horrible! While their mom has Bruce’s manhood in the palm of her, no wonder why Kim has relationship issues!! Reggie Bush was smart to get out of that family!! The only reason Kim is even famous is because she made a sex tape, and because of who she knows! I give credit to her sisters who actually run successful stores and have worked on their relationships, not just thrown on the towel. If Kim doesn’t want to be portrayed as a selfish brat, maybe she should look at how she is being viewed and if she has no problem with it, then she doesn’t care that she’s is the most hated celeb out there! And for argument sake, I am not a person jealous of what she has if she truly worked for it then yes I would be, but spending $75,000 on earrings, crying and getting pissy over a car, and having marriage that lasted 76 days well what is there to be jealous of?

  24. Radio Host says:

    Kardashian and Humphries wedding sure did make people think. Why did they do it? It seems that Kim had 10/31 on her mind. It was a date she had used 80 days before they broke up. Could it be deep down inside we hate because they did not make it work? That said, what do others think? Maybe Kim could have broke up with Kris like this hilarious you tube “Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries wedding snow globe plays wedding m” of ebay item 170745393108

  25. Matt says:

    You may like this, Krap Barbie. So disturbing to think little girls all over the world are going to be looking up to her as a role model (barf): Kim Kardashian Barbie

  26. KimH8tr says:

    Kim and Kris are the most immature morons I’ve ever seen, heard, or believed could exist. Add Kim’s materialistic, pretentious, conceited, controlling self, and you wonder who would ever tolerate her. And Kris is a 10-year old in a man’s body, with as much emotional availability as a pet rock. Neither one of them deserve the career, the money, or the success they’ve been fortunate to experience.

  27. Fakes are Never in Fashion says:

    I have never hated anyone as much as I hate each individual member of the karTRASHian family. There is NO jealousy here nor do they have anything I want. These people are bold faced liars who have sold their soul for money & attention. They are theiving, greedy, wasteful irrelevant people who lie, cheat & steal 24/7. They belong in jail for all their criminal actions. People are so enraged that they can only post words of protest which look “bad” b/c it is namecalling. I am past that part (most of the time) and will try to elaborate for those who are still confused & trust these people.

    I have no problem w/ other people, I don’t care what they do if it doesn’t directly affect me and otherwise, a very peaceful person until I hear the kTRASH name, see pics of any of them, hear their bone chilling voices and vulgar language or worse…SEE THEM ON TV! It is nauseating!! I am sickened to the deepest levels.

    Their show should be called “Keeping up with the kartrashian’s lies” b/c THEY certainly can not. They double talk, make little sense and manipulate society. The only talents they have is deception. Everything they do is planned and only a small percent of the people have not caught on to this. There is not much space to give examples but I will try. Their entire lives have been a scandal starting w/ their birth.

    kim started working a closet organizer & the only way she knew (of) “celebrities”. She would buy supplies w/ their credit cards. kim would let her family members go on shopping sprees w/ those credit cards, thus stealing & defrauding her bread & butter.

    They were not rich, it is all a lie! Their home was so small (see THS) and the pool took up the entire backyard. Kris cheated on Robert w/ alot of men then settled w/Bruce and he left her, married twice more & left them nothing in his death. Bruce was just as bad, on his 3rd marriage to kris.

    All their business dealings are shady or fake. We need to continue complaining to the stores that carry their junk and including them. Together WE are stronger than that tight family of criminals. kris bought the “church” & “pastor” kim has been talking & walking w/ and gives her mom a 10% “donation” (tax free).

    AFTER kim filed for divorce (72 days) she took the store credit for registered wedding gifts and bought her family Rolex’s. No wonder she was registered for $1,200-1,800 items (from 400 guests) she planned this scam! She said she “donated” twice the amount ($200k) to a charity who have never received this. The store credit was over $500k. she should have let the store credit the guests back the amount of the gifts which were never picked up. What about the $19 million she earned for the wedding (giving kris $1mill only) and ring she won’t give back and the $250k Ferarri she & kris got for a wedding gift? HOW COULD ANYONE BE JEALOUS OF THESE PEOPLE? IT IS NOT POSSIBLE! We loathe these criminals and I will do my part to expose and hopefully jail them. Kris H. NEEDS to expose them & gain damages!!!

  28. Seth says:

    We should all throw an I Hate the Kardashian Party
    Check it out!

  29. happylove says:

    Come on, she sucks. She only cares about her self and she is totally fake. i could not said any better then this guy http://bit.ly/I2AnDi
    Get rid of her from tv and do not show her to our kids. Little girls want to grow up and be like here, do you want your kids to be like her?

  30. I Love Myself says:

    kim is so ugly on the inside that it is impossible to see physical beauty if there was some. If she were natural, she may be pretty if she was kind but she is not real & she isn’t kind so the point is moot. She knows who she is inside, somuch so, she has to have a pimp sell her out & change her cosmetic appearance on a reglar basis. I would hate to be her.

  31. Carla says:

    Kim Kardashian is a piece of sh*t.

  32. India A. says:

    I passed a tv show called “Excused” which had a kim k-Trash klone going on a date. She was called Superficial by one guy and she was trying to act cutsey and conceited w/ the kim hair, makeup, hoop earrings, short, tight dress, slutty behavior & attitude.

    For those who do not think the karTRASHians are spawning a new breed tasteless, rotton females, you could not be more wrong! Society is doomed as long as the worlds cheapest, fakest family survives.

  33. India A. says:

    PS At least she was “excused” from this rediculous tv show but not without an OMG, I can’t believe it exit. LOL

  34. Mary Travers says:

    Kim is beautiful. I wish I looked that good. Some people just have it all. Sigh…

    • Mya says:

      She sure does “have it all” @Mary…Every STD, every surgical procedure, every pathetic symptom of low self esteem and every one of the karTRASHian products is counterfeit as they stole ideas and sold as their own. This is why they had to pull all their makeup products from the stores, fined Millions of $$, pay restitution to the people she stole from and have confirmed charges of copyright infringement among other crimes. Ya, she has it all.

  35. STEPITUP says:

    Why is it that All the other sisters, including the “mother”, ( a friggn tramp too), have no ass? Devil worshipping LOSERS, all’s of em. I have never witnessed people like these that desperate for money, Kim is a GOLDDIGGING, midget nothing glamorous about a 2 foot tall, nasty, fake, piece of garbage. Lying dead to ponce on the next victim, buying that B.S. that witch has to offer. So friggn phoney, that it’s repulsive. Fake, pretend, never had shit before in their live’s, assholes. The daddy didn’t have jack either, protecting a murderer loser, why he dropped dead, They “pretend” they miss him so much, didn’t even know him, get the F outta here, For SHAME, for SHAME……………gonna get their up commings soon.

    • STEPITUP says:

      Mary Traver, if you have something positive to say about a loser like that, you need to get yourself some help, when that devil worshipping asshole Kanye give her that ring, that loser said ” I’ve NEVER seen anything so beautiful before”, what about your child? Goes to show you how materialistic and twisted her intentions are, all about “items”. I f you think that’s beautiful, go get some help.

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