Happy Birthday L.T.

No, not that L.T. No, not that L.T. either. Our buddy L.T. turns 30 years old today and since he’s an avid reader of the site, we figured we’d give him a shoutout on his special day. He cheers for his hometown Padres and Chargers, but his real fanhood lies with the Philadelphia Phillies, the Miami Dolphins, and the Philadelphia Flyers (they’re a hockey team). So, a very Happy Birthday to him… and just so people don’t think the only thing he cares about are sports…here’s a picture of his favorite animal too. Bottoms up, L.T!


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One Response to Happy Birthday L.T.

  1. Kirsti says:

    So…. I go to Google Images and search “happy birthday LT” to email my coworker a nice wish for his birthday, and the, um, rainbow man-horse is the first result. If only I could send him this picture! He wouldn’t get the humor. Damn!

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