Obama Bin Laden? Fox News is the Worst

I was blowing up Twitter (@LobShots) last night talking about Fox News was the only news outlet with giant headlines that read “USAMA” Bin Laden, instead of Osama Bin Laden. Welp, this picture pretty much sums up why. Obama Bin Laden? It’s like they’re all sitting around in a room, “Finkle and Einhorn, Finkle and Einhorn, Einhorn and Finkle…” Morons.


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  1. Macaroni says:

    The FBI most wanted list calls him “Usama”
    You leave fox news alone. Their front page featured Katy Perry’s reaction to Usama’s death, Fox knows whats important. er…

  2. kyle says:

    Do liberals know how to read? See the number 40 to the right of the word fox? That means it’s a fox affiliate station. This station has absolute nothing to do with fox news. Did any of you lefties notice the liberal journalists were making this mistake all last night and today. No you probably didn’t because that wouldn’t support your agenda. And Usama is an accepted spelling of his name.

    • LobShots says:

      Sorry this took so long to respond, Kyle. I had to take reading lessons before I could figure out what you wrote. Then I had to go look up the number 40, and the words “affiliate”, “lefties”, and “liberal”. After doing my homework, I’ve come to the conclusion that you’re a moron, and so are your affiliates. Upon further review, as pointed out by Mac, “bag o tools” is an accepted spelling of the name “Kyle”.

      • kyle says:

        This station is owned by the Tribune Company, it has nothing to do with Fox News. I believe YOU are the moron you can’t even tell the difference between Fox News and a Fox affiliate station. Why haven’t you corrected your mistake yet? Why does it still say “Fox News is the worst?”

  3. Macaroni says:

    You sir, are a WEINER. My only “agenda” is to take dumps on d-bags like you that think a tongue a cheek sports blog has a political agenda. By the way , President Osama Bin Barrack just locked in his second term. Below Me. say that fast ya bag o tools.

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