Hey MLB, I Got Your No. 1 Mom Right Here…

Number 1 Mom, huh? Yeah you are. What the hell is going on here? Happy Mother’s Day to me…a hot mom just flaunting her trunk. I got this email this morning and immediately thought, “hmm… that doesn’t look like my mom.” I’ve seen a bunch of college girls that look like that though, and if I’m generous…a few moms with babies. So, c’mon, MLB, fess up…how many 2 year olds are on your email list? You got that market cornered.


(Yes, ingenious reader, I’m well aware that the market for this email is dudes like me with hot wives that will buy them for their wives as if they are gifts from their babies…STFU)

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One Response to Hey MLB, I Got Your No. 1 Mom Right Here…

  1. Rydazzle says:

    Honestly I am surprised they don’t have that bat up where SHOP FOR MOM is.

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