What’s Barry Zito’s Deal?

I hate everything about the San Francisco Giants, but I love everything about baseball. Life is full of juxtapositions and contradictions, folks. Deal with it. But what is Barry Zito’s deal? I LOVE these socks. Love…in every way. They look so pimp. So, Zito’s got to have some sort of awesome fashion sense right? Right. So WHAT THE HELL is up with that Chester ‘stache he’s rocking? I’m not kidding. He lose a bet? Like that caterpillar on steroids all over Brian Wilson’s face and neck wasn’t bad enough, Barry’s gotta grow that little baby caterpillar on his lip? It’s not Movember, so it’s just creepy.



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  1. Macaroni says:

    Jealousy is an ugly color on you. All awesome mustaches go through the child molester stage, its science, it just happens. I will agree with you that its creepy and I think that he should have gone thru the Chester phase in the off season, but you just wait, in 3 weeks that mustache is going to be nothing short of awesome. Matched with those pimp a$$ socks, Barry will be looking sharp as he throw 84 mph slow balls and curve balls that either drop 60 inches or hang out above the plate and get crushed 400 feet. Plus, when you make that much money for being a mediocre pitcher you can do whatever you want.

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