The Black Mamba

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Kobe freaking Bryant. Dude just won his 4th All Star MVP award. No big deal. Just ties him for the most ALL TIME to win that award. Some might argue it’s a trivial game with very little defense, but you can’t tell me these guys don’t want to win this game. After Kobe, oh, I dunno… DUNKED ON LEBRON, Lebron was so mad he was playing close, tough D on Kobe and doing everything he could to bring a W to the East.

Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images

Is it bad that I just think of the word “der” when I see Lebron’s face in that photo? Welp despite his late heroics, the East fell up short, and the tweet I shot out with about 9 minutes left in the game turned out to be a prophesy.

“@LobShots – East Coasters are tired. Literally & figuratively. Give Kobe the #MVP award now & wrap this thing up. #blackmamba #teamwest #allstargame”

Oh that 4th MVP award? That tied him with Bob Pettit for the most ever. Huh? What’s that you say? You’ve never heard of him? Bob Pettit won four All-Star MVPs, all won with the St. Louis Hawks from 1956-62. Huh? The St. Louis Hawks? Exactly. Nobody reading this blog was probably born when that dude played. I’ll put it in perspective for you… here are the dudes he was tied with that had 3 All Star MVP trophies. Shaq and his airness, Michael Jordan. Heard-a-them?

So, if you’re a hoops fan at all… you’ve already seen this, but here is the full length version of Kobe’s latest “movie”. Kobe Bryant is, “The Black Mamba”. Directed by Robert Rodriguez.

YouTube Preview Image

Anybody else notice Kobe refer to himself as “The Black Mamba” while introducing himself in the All Star Game? Love it. Ego, much?


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40 Responses to The Black Mamba

  1. I don’t follow basketball, but wanted to say that I like your header. Very nice. :)

  2. there is no doubt kobe is one of the best NBAers of all time…he is also one of the biggest dbags of all time. in my opinion, anyway. but yeah…last night he was unreal. and i love that he cared, unlike say, Dwight Howard.

  3. barbcensi says:

    i really enjoyed taking a look at your profile, (i love basketball) :D

  4. I’d never seen that film but it was infinitely entertaining! Every part of it! Thanks for sharing, and gratz on being FP! (I wonder if Bruce Willis cares that he was a 2nd pick to George Clooney?)

  5. LobShots says:

    Thanks for the FP congrats… not sure how that happened. No complaints. Cheers.

  6. sannekurz says:

    I love especially the “movie” – very clever how all participants as well as Nike, the client, play with expectations and reverse clichees… “Product placement gives us a bigger Budget. Bigger budget – bigger explosions.” – Loving it!
    Brilliant. Thanks for sharing.

  7. CCredentials says:

    Kobe is one of best players, he could be better though. I wish about 7 yrs ago he learned to see the game differently. Learning ball movement and shot selection. I appreciate his work ethic and his desire to play defense.

    I saw NBA Commissioner David Stern in Aspen once, several years ago. I mentioned that I thought that Kobe was gonna be better than Jordan. Stern: I think so to.

    His numbers are not where Michael’s were but maybe you have to consider his competition too.


  8. Dave White says:

    Kobe Bryant is clearly a hyper-competitive freak of nature that wants to annihilate anybody that gets in his way, even LeBron James.

  9. Evie Garone says:

    I always loved Michael Jordan, so please don’t even compare. When Jordan was running around, he never shot his mouth off like these guys do now! Egomaniacs, please!

  10. SinhaG says:

    Interesting stuff…

  11. enjoibeing says:

    kobe is a beast. he did lebron dirty and tapped him on the bum. kobe doesnt wanna pass the torch

  12. I am not a sports fan, but I very much like your blog “voice” and I am glad I read this post.

  13. mizunogirl says:

    Big Magic fan here. (and Syracuse fan as well, no they dont relate). And yup I noted the big Mamba sized ego of both Kobe and Lebron. Neither one makes me that excited. But Dwight Howard, he’s the man. Though I don’t really think to be honest he was in contention for any MVP….and the man I really dislike in the NBA, Rondo of the Celtics….well. lets say I’d be a big fan if he came to join us in Orlando.
    Now hows that for a semi related comment….Sure its about hoops, but it sure isn’t about the game!

  14. countoncross says:

    So funny! Love the film. -Thank you

  15. Kobe is one of the greatest players of all time. The All-Star game itself I found to be pretty boring. Kobe had some great dunks (where are those in the regular season games? hmm?). I think this proves Kobe has been saving his stuff for the play-offs. Going to be a great play-off season on both East and West.

  16. CCredentials says:


    Jordan didn’t have an ego?? Pfft, the only reason you think that is because there were not as many cameras around then. Athletes have learned to do things to draw attention to themselves. The more people know who you are, the more you can charge for endorsing a product etc.

    • Harold says:

      Of course Jordan had an ego! But his game did the talking. He put opponents in their place with his game, not his mouth. Players these days have to be heard. Their game isn’t enough. They will always be in Jordan’s shadow. Kobe is a wanna be when it come to Jordan!

  17. jahase says:

    kobe has the face of a rat and the ego of beyonce. good ball player but a ball hog non the less. however. anyone else notice the lakers die without him?

  18. M Richman says:

    Dwight Howard and Kobe coming to a title near you.

  19. leadinglight says:

    Interesting movie. I don’t follow basketball much as AFL steals all the sports thunder here. Thanks for sharing.

  20. Nicky B says:

    Wow, Bron’s face in that pic is hilar. Kobe’s movie is aight, but nothing to get too excited about. Though Bruce Willis is pretty much the suavest dude ever.
    Nicky B

  21. D.A. Smiley says:

    I was just talking today about how I wouldn’t even bat an eyelash if the major US sports no longer held all-star games, but if there is one sport that has a halfway decent show, it’s the NBA. With that said, who cares who wins “MVP” of a scrimmage?

  22. Damyanti says:

    I don’t follow basketball, but I loved your voice in the post. Especially the last para. Keep writing :)

  23. Kobe! the fucking greatest in the game today and one of the all time greats. Over a decade in the game and still on top of his shit. Great post.

  24. peter says:

    muy bien estoy encantado d conocerlos a todos este es mi primera entrada a wordpress y veo que m va a encantar este blog.
    gracias a todos por sus comentarios por su gran centido del humor, sinceridad e imaginacion. GUSTO EN CONOCERLOS BYE.

  25. Kris Lowes says:

    Aight Brady, Kobe has been my favorite NBA player since 8th grade and I’m huge Lakers fan, but calling that a dunk on Lebron James is pretty weak. Lebron was about 15 feet behind him on that breakaway and Kobe slowed up enough to tempt to go up behind him and make it look like he dunked on him for a picture just like that one above. In the era of Blake Griffin and Amare posterizations, let’s keep it real when we talk about people getting talked on.

    Love the blog btw….love how you are pumping out lots of content.

    • LobShots says:

      Lowes – many thanks. I see your point on the Kobe dunk… however, Lebron was on the prowl trying to do that ‘come from behind ball swat’ during dunks that he does so well, and got in front of Kobe a bit, making it look even more like Kobe dunked on him. Then the way he cranked up the defense after that happened… it seemed like he felt he got dunked on. He was pissed… granted, the ass-slap that Kobe gave him as he ran by probably didn’t help either. Glad you like the blog, appreciate you reading, spread the word. -bp

  26. Ali says:

    Well written Write-up. Glad i am able yo locate a site with some knowledge plus a great writing style.
    You keep publishing and i will continue to Keep browsing

    Thanks Again

  27. there is no doubt kobe is one of the best NBAers of all time…he is also one of the biggest dbags of all time. in my opinion, anyway. but yeah…last night he was unreal. and i love that he cared, unlike say, Dwight Howard

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