Deion Sanders: A Visual Reminder

So, Neon Deion…PrimeTime…however you want to remember him…he just made the Pro Football Hall of Fame. Whether you agree or disagree with the decision isn’t really the point, you KNOW Deion Sanders. That’s the point. He marketed himself as well as any player ever had…in two leagues, NFL and MLB. Shoot, the guy was on both of America’s Teams: New York Yankees and the Dallas Cowboys. Personally, I agree with the decision for the Hall of Fame…he’s a two-time Super Bowl winner and was the Defensive Player of the Year in 1994. But more than that, he pretty much defined the term “shut down corner” when Revis Island was probably still wetting his bed. So, commentary aside…let’s just take a quick glance, in no particular order, at WHY you know Deion. The reason for this? Because I think it’s funny.

Great job to everybody who took all of the above pictures. BOOM, there’s your credit.


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7 Responses to Deion Sanders: A Visual Reminder

  1. Rydazzle says:

    I am surprised he didn’t die early of O.G.

  2. RyDazzle says:

    I was more thinking like this guy.

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  4. Brett says:

    Can I ask where you found this image? If you could please let me know it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

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