1987 Padres Pin-Striped Mitsubishi Van!

87Vol1ChickenVan I am a huge fan of buying old programs, magazines and newspapers that involve the Padres for reasons such as this. How else would I have known that there was a Mitsubishi/Padres van that was given away in 1987? I wouldn’t have.

87Vol1Cover 87Vol1ChickenWho won this thing? Does it still exist? These are questions that I want answers to.

- Rick

Rick can be found all over the place these days. To make things easy on yourself, just follow him on Twitter @RJsFro and he’ll point you in the right direction.

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The Chargers Fan Who Caught Pujols’ 500 HR is Awesome


Tom Sherrill of Pomona is a 29-year-old Chargers and Angels fan and a staff sergeant in the Air Force. He caught Albert Pujols’ 500th home run and he gave it back to Pujols and wanted nothing in return. This guy knew how much it meant to Pujols and he represents everything that is right about being a fan. About being a person. We live in an age of greedy jerks looking to squeeze ballplayers for as much as they can if the opportunity presents itself. (Remember all the fights and lawsuits flying around during Barry Bonds/Mark McGwire/Sammy Sosa era?)

Today, you’ll read asinine blogs calling him an idiot, and you’ll see tweets from the dumbest people on the planet, attacking this dude because he didn’t chase the money like they would have. Seriously, if you want to see what horrible people exist on this earth. Go read these reactions to SportCenter’s tweet about this guy.

I love that this guy did the right thing. I love that he’s a Chargers fan. I love that he’s an Angels fan that went all the way out to Washington and he caught the ball. I love that “he talked security into bringing the guy who had the ball bounce off his belly & his kids to get their pictures taken with Albert.” How amazing is that? I love you, Tom Sherrill. 

Go Chargers. Go Air Force. Go Tom Sherrill.

Here’s to 263 more, Albert.


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Snowmobilers Are Nuts

YouTube Preview Image

YouTube – Shot 100% on the HD HERO2® camera from http://GoPro.comSlednecks team member, Brett Turcotte, bucks his snowmobile off a cliff.

How crazy do you have to be to do that?


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Shirtless Andrew Cashner and His Mullet Videobomb Chase Headley


Chase Headley had the big go-ahead home run in extra innings for the Padres last night… and Andrew Cashner gave everybody watching Fox Sports San Diego this little gift in the process. Love Cash.


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Carlos Gomez Took a Hack and Bartolo Colon’d a Huston Street Pitch

It’s a good thing for the Padres that he didn’t connect.


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According to Google Searches, Padres are the Least Popular Team in America


Dead freaking last. It’s not even close either. That’s a tough pill to swallow for the Padres. The guys over at Best Tickets put together a list of the most googled athletes and teams in America. San Diego didn’t do so well.

The Chargers ranked #19 out of 32 NFL teams. Bottom half of the pack there. They came in first in Hawaii though… well Manti Te’o did. He was the most searched athlete in Hawaii. Kobe Bryant was the most searched in California. Here’s the map.


Lebron James domination.


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Dude Nabs 800 Pound Mako Shark Shore Fishing in Florida


PNJ – A Milton man and land-based shark fisherman said he believes he and his cousin may have reeled in their latest world record catch Tuesday night.

Earnie Polk, 43, said he and Joey Polk hooked an 11-foot, 805-pound shortfin mako shark off a Gulf Coast beach at about 10:30 p.m., and it took about an hour to bring the beast to shore.

“That’s probably the best fish we ever caught,” he said. “You’ll spend many, many hours to catch a fish of that caliber or a fish of that size.”

Polk said he did not want to disclose the exact location of the massive catch because he didn’t want to draw droves of fishermen to the spot or create a false fear of shark-infested waters. The shark was hooked several hundred yards from shore, he said.

Polk and his cousin didn’t intend to let anyone except friends and family know about the catch, but that changed Wednesday, thanks to social media. A photo taken by West Calhoun of Pensacola Beach of Joey gassing up his pickup truck at a local convenience store bearing the humongous mako hit Facebook and went viral.

Now all of this may all sound like a grand fish tale, but Polk and his cousin have the reputation to back up their claim. The two men hold a combined three world records from the International Land-Based Shark Fishing Association.

According to the association’s website, Polk snagged his first shortfin mako world record in 2009. That shark was measured at 11-foot-2 but only weighed 674 pounds.

In 2010, Polk became the world record holder for catching an 11-foot-9-inch tiger shark at an estimated weight of 928 pounds. Joey beat his cousin’s record a month later with a 12-foot-9-inch tiger shark, estimated at weighing 949 pounds.

Both tiger sharks were released.

Polk said he has submitted his latest catch’s weight and length to be considered as the newest shortfin mako world record holder by the International Land-Based Shark Fishing Association.

Of the hundreds of sharks the Polk cousins catch every year, Earnie Polk said this one was one of the few they didn’t release. After a vigorous fight on the way to shore, the creature was too exhausted to swim back out, he said.

Instead, Polk said he’s preparing the legal paperwork to harvest a member of the species for consumption. He estimated he’ll distribute about 600 pounds of shark meat to his family and friends.

“It’s a $10 per pound fish at the fish market. It sells right along with tuna and swordfish,” he said. “Between all of us, there won’t be a bit of it wasted.”

A misunderstood sport

Earnie Polk said he has followed the land-based shark fisherman’s code of ethics since he first went fishing with his dad and grandfather at age four or five. They were shark fishing on the old Navarre Beach pier then, but Earnie still follows the same guidelines today.

“We don’t do chumming whatsoever. We fish at night. We don’t fish on crowded beaches. We don’t fish anytime there are swimmers,” he said. “We don’t draw the fish to the beach. We just catch what swims by. The fishermen are there because the fish are there.”

Earnie said bait is put out between 300 and 600 yards offshore by kayak.

Of the more than 300 sharks he and his cousin caught in 2013, they kept fewer than 20. The rest were released, most were tagged for the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration.

Polk said he and his cousin partake in the Cooperative Shark Tagging Program to benefit the National Marine Fisheries Service.

“We get to participate in all the tagging research that’s done,” he said. “(Land-based shark fishing is) just a good pastime.”

These guys are nuts. Reeling in 11 foot Mako onto shore. Love that he got outed by social media. What’d you expect, man? If you roll up all casually to a gas station with a gigantic shark hanging out of the back of your truck… somebody’s gonna take a picture and post it. That’s just a fact, I don’t care if you’re in the Florida sticks.

*woah: I didn’t realize there was video too*

YouTube Preview Image


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Brian Williams, Gin and Juice Edition

YouTube Preview Image

I said this back when Brian Williams did Rapper’s Delight… Jimmy Fallon is the best. Dude has the most talented people on his staff. Seriously, how many hours did that take? Research/editing/etc? I can’t imagine. Incredible stuff.

By the way, Brian Williams is no stranger to Snoop… he rapped Nuthin’ But a G-Thang too. Remember?


[lobbed by little caster]

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The Bro-iest Surfer Bro in the History of Bros

YouTube Preview Image

That’s Mason Ho. He’s a professional surfer. He is either dead serious and I’m speechless, or he’s the best actor in the history of mankind… and I’m speechless. So, either way, I have no speech.


[lobbed by Jonesy]

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Is There a Bigger Power Move Than Hitting a Home Run While You’re Getting Intentionally Walked?

YouTube Preview Image

The answer is no. Mammoth power move by a mammoth kid.

Could’ve done without the commentary.


[h/t Next Impulse Sports]

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