Cash Flow


Cash flow.


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BAET LA! Giants Fans Have Been on a Roll Lately…



Great coordination there, kids. Also from the game last night… this cat just strolling around AT&T wearing full catcher’s gear.

giants fan catchers gear

You remember “GO GAINTS” from earlier this season, right?

gaintsThis kinda stuff comes from the top… remember that.


A San FranciCSo treat…


[pics from Sara, Brendan, Busted Coverage & Lana]

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Philip Rivers Was at the Padres Game Last Night


If you were wondering, I know a little something about that hat he’s wearing. It’s decidedly not a Padres hat. More on that later…


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This Question Pissed Off Bud Black. Who Asked It?

YouTube Preview Image

I’m sorry the video is terrible, and you have to really crank up the volume. I was at the SDSU Men’s Basketball banquet last night, so I missed the Padres game. I have no clue what this is in reference to from the game. Something about Nady having the green light to swing on a 3-0 pitch. Buddy was pissed it was asked at all. Love seeing a little bit of attitude from Buddy.

“So that was just out of your curiosity or you gonna write that?”

“No, I’m not gonna write that.”

“Yeah… yeah” (while shaking his head in frustration)

So, who was it? Was Buddy merited in his frustration? I don’t know what the hell this is all about.


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Incredible Padres Memorabilia Collection


You ‘meet’ some interesting people on the ole twitter machine. This past week, I noticed Tomas Blanco, had some cool Padres stuff, so I asked him if he’d like to put some up on the site. Glad he obliged. Some really cool stuff from the PCL Padres days all the way up to a recent Randy Jones bobblehead. See up on the top shelf that he’s got that decal that I blogged about and had never seen before. Well, there it is.

memobilia-padresmemobilia-padres-5memobilia-padres-4memobilia-padres-3memobilia-padres-2memobilia-padres-1memobilia-padres-6Very cool. Thanks for sharing, Tomas.



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The Original Trailer For “The Princess Bride”

YouTube Preview Image

It’s a funny thing. A movie that I can quote almost in its entirety… and I’ve never seen the trailer. Makes sense. I probably didn’t even see the movie until the early ’90s. I was 9 years old when it came out. I think this is gonna become a ‘thing’ for me. Find movies that I absolutely love… classics… and watch the trailers.

Trailers in the ’80s were TERRIBLE. Did you see how many spoilers were in there? Amazing how far the cinema industry has come in the art of making trailers. I LOVE The Princess Bride and that trailer doesn’t even make me want to see it. Nowadays, they can take an absolutely crap movie and make an amazing 1:30 trailer that will make everybody want to see it. You’ve come a long way, Hollywood… you deceptive, manipulative bastards.


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The only thing wrong with this tweet is the punctuation. No commas, no apostrophe, all caps, and too many exclamations points!!!


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San Diego Padres’ Tallest Fan


Biggest? Let’s go with “tallest” – seems more fitting. I saw this dude at a Padres game this year, and I also saw him when the Davis Cup was at Petco. Seriously doubt he’s a “fan” as his jersey suggests. Guessing he’s one of the San Diego Stilt Walkers… but what do I know?


[pic from Uni Watch]

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“Hey Seth… Now You Know My Name”

YouTube Preview Image

I laughed.


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Let Me Be Your Ruler… You Can Call Me Queen Bee…

She finally met a Royal. I wonder if she knows the “When was the last time you sh*t your pants?” story.

YouTube Preview Image

Let me live that fantasy. 


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